Shinkansen Disruption May Continue Sunday

Shinkansen disruption may continue Sunday

Typhoon Hagibis disrupted Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train service throughout Saturday. And the disruption may continue on Sunday.

Service on the Tokaido Shinkansen was suspended all day Saturday.

Suga: Efforts To Ease Middle East Tension Continue

Suga: Efforts to ease Middle East tension continue

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says Japan will consider various factors before deciding how to respond to a US-led mission to ensure security in the Strait of Hormuz.

Suga told reporters on Tuesday that the government will examine what kind of actions are effective for safe navigation of vessels related to Japan in the region.

Warnings Continue In Western Japan For Floods

Warnings continue in western Japan for floods

Weather officials in Japan are warning of floods and landslides, one day after deadly rains slammed parts of the country prompting emergency warnings -- and the rain is still falling.

Another person was found dead -- bringing the total to three.

Warnings Continue For Floods, Landslides

Warnings continue for floods, landslides

Torrential rain is continuing in some parts of western Japan, after Wednesday's floods and landslides. The extreme weather has left two people dead and another unconscious. One person has been reported missing.

The severe storm was caused by an active front system.

Japan, S.korea Agree To Continue Communication

Japan, S.Korea agree to continue communication

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha have agreed to continue diplomatic communication to resolve the standoff over wartime labor.

Kono and Kang met in China on Wednesday for the first time since Japan decided to remove South Korea from its list of trading partners entitled to simplified export procedures.

Mourners Continue To Visit Arson Site

Mourners continue to visit arson site

Anime fans from around the world continue to visit Kyoto to mourn the victims of the arson attack on a famous animation studio one month ago.

Thirty-five people were killed and 34 others were injured after a man spread gasoline and set fire to the studio of Kyoto Animation.

Mourners Continue After Release Of Victims' Names

Mourners continue after release of victims' names

Mourners continue to visit the site of last month's arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio after police released the names of 10 of the 35 victims.

A university student came to lay flowers after learning that one of the victims was Futoshi Nishiya.

Sweltering Heat Likely To Continue In Japan

Sweltering heat likely to continue in Japan

Weather officials are warning of heatstroke in Japan as sweltering heat continues to grip wide areas of the country.

The Meteorological Agency says daytime highs will reach 35 degrees Celsius across a wide area on Friday, with 38 degrees forecast for the Kanto,Tokai, Kansai and Kyushu regions.

Prayers Continue For Kyoto Anime Studio Victims

Prayers continue for Kyoto anime studio victims

Many people have gathered to offer prayers to the victims of the Kyoto Animation studio fire and to leave flowers on an altar set up near the building that was set ablaze on July 18.

It's the second weekend since the fatal arson attack, which killed 34 people and injured 34 others in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto.

Kyushu On Alert As Heavy Rains Continue

Kyushu on alert as heavy rains continue

Torrential rains are continuing to soak Japan's main southwestern island of Kyushu, with Kagoshima Prefecture in the south particularly hard hit.

The Meteorological Agency says a seasonal rain front remains over the area, bringing warm, damp air and creating rain clouds.

Unseasonable Heat Wave Likely To Continue In Japan

Unseasonable heat wave likely to continue in Japan

Japanese weather officials say the unseasonably hot weather will continue in many parts of the country on Monday.

The Meteorological Agency says the temperature reached 39.5 degrees Celsius on Sunday in Saroma Town in the country's northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, marking a national all-time high for May.

Volcanic Earthquakes Continue At Mt. Hakone

Volcanic earthquakes continue at Mt. Hakone

Volcanic earthquakes have continued at Mount Hakone, located in a hot spring resort town outside Tokyo.

Japan's Meteorological Agency warns of a possible eruption, and large volcanic rocks falling around the crater in the Owakudani valley.

Honda Slowing Production Of Accords As Buyers Continue Shift To Suvs

Honda slowing production of Accords as buyers continue shift to SUVs

MARYSVILLE, Ohio — Honda is slowing production of Accord sedans as car buyers continue to favor SUVs and trucks. The Japanese automaker says it will temporarily idle a second-shift production line in August at its Marysville, Ohio, assembly plant. The shift is expected to resume production in several years. Honda says the line being shut down produces about 55,000 vehicles a year, most of which are Accords. A company spokeswoman says that there will be no layoffs, but that Honda will offer voluntary buyouts to some employees. Honda says the reduction also will affect production at its engine and transmission plants in Ohio. Sales of the Accord this year are up 4.6% through March but fell nearly 10% last year. The Accord is a perennial favorite of consumers and automotive journalists alike, and the new generation that debuted in the 2018 model year has drawn particular acclaim. Trucks and SUVs have made up 70% of U.S. new vehicle sales this year.