Nec Flying Car Puts Drone Air Traffic Control To The Test

NEC Flying Car Puts Drone Air Traffic Control To The Test

It was a bit surprising to see a company like NEC prominently featuring a car-size drone on its CEATEC 2019 booth, so we stopped by to check things up.

And no, NEC isn’t going to jump in the drone transportation market, at least, not by producing drones. This prototype is built to test a drone Air Traffic Control System developed by NEC.

Japan, S.korea Far Apart On Export Control Talks

Japan, S.Korea far apart on export control talks

Japan and South Korea have held their first meeting about a trade dispute under the framework of the World Trade Organization. The two sides failed to narrow their differences.

The about six-hour talks took place on Friday in Geneva, Switzerland. Last month, Seoul launched a WTO dispute settlement procedure over Tokyo's decision to tighten export controls on three high-tech materials.

Some Nintendo Switch Lite Owners Are Already Reporting Control Drift Issues

Some Nintendo Switch Lite Owners Are Already Reporting Control Drift Issues

A couple of months ago, Nintendo officially announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. This is a cheaper and more portable version of the Switch, although for the most part it is still very much a Switch at its core. Unfortunately, it seems to have inherited some of the Switch’s problems as well.

In case you didn’t know, Switch owners have been reporting that they are experiencing “drift” issues with their Joy-Cons. What this means is that even when the player isn’t touching the control, the console will read it as the controls are moving which can interfere with gameplay. Now it seems that according to some user reports, the Switch Lite is experiencing similar issues as well.

Olympic Traffic Control Trial Caused Jams In Tokyo

Olympic traffic control trial caused jams in Tokyo

A test of traffic restrictions for next year's Olympics and Paralympics caused heavy road congestion in and around Tokyo.

The trial was conducted for two days in July. A traffic data company analyzed the records of about 30,000 trucks that used the metropolitan expressway system and national roads.

Snes Wireless Control And Snes Games Announced For Nintendo Switch

SNES Wireless Control And SNES Games Announced For Nintendo Switch

Thanks to an FCC filing spotted last month, it seemed to suggest that Nintendo could be getting ready to launch an SNES controller for the Nintendo Switch. Given that the company had previously launched the NES controller for the Switch, this progression actually made a lot of sense.

If the idea of playing on an SNES controller appeals to you, you’ll be happy to learn that Nintendo has indeed announced a wireless SNES controller for the Switch. This looks more or less identical to the original controller with the added bonus of being wireless. However, it will only be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Tokyo Asks Seoul To Explain Tighter Export Control

Tokyo asks Seoul to explain tighter export control

Japan's trade ministry says it has asked the South Korean government to explain why it plans to remove Japan from its top-tier list of countries subject to preferential export procedures.

Seoul announced the measure last month and invited public opinions on it from August 14 through Tuesday.

Seko Questions S.korea's Trade Control

Seko questions S.Korea's trade control

Japan's trade minister has indicated that the government will press ahead with the procedure to remove South Korea from a list of nations entitled to simplified export procedures.

Hiroshige Seko spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

Japan To Control Airspace For New Haneda Flights

Japan to control airspace for new Haneda flights

Japan's transport ministry is to start work on plans to take control of some of the airspace over part of Tokyo after the Japanese government and US military came to terms with new flight routes for Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

The two sides on Wednesday agreed that Japan will control new routes that will pass through part of the US military-controlled airspace in Tokyo.