Toyota Is Building A One-off Convertible Century For The New Emperor Of Japan

Toyota is building a one-off convertible Century for the new emperor of Japan

This week, former Crown Prince Naruhito transitioned to Emperor Naruhito, the 126th Emperor of Japan. Although the brief ceremony took place on Wednesday, May 1, the emperor's ceremonial parade will not take place until October. He will be riding in a one-of-a-kind vehicle, a custom-built convertible Toyota Century.

First reported by The Wall Street Journal, and later confirmed to Autoblog by Toyota, Emperor Naruhito will be riding in a vehicle that does not exist on U.S. roads. Technically, it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. According to Toyota, the Japan-only Century luxury flagship sedan was selected to be the new emperor's ride in January 2019. The Japanese government announced the decision in a press release, with some explanation of why it was the top choice. The Century will serve as the base, with several features custom-added, including a convertible roof, the first of its kind.

Custom Toyota Fj Cruiser Convertible Could Be Yours

Custom Toyota FJ Cruiser convertible could be yours

Toyota's FJ Cruiser SUV ticked off most of the boxes the original FJ40 Land Cruiser did. It had two-door styling (thanks to hidden half-doors) and plenty of off-road capability from a traditional four-wheel-drive system and good ground clearance. But unlike the FJ40, the Cruiser never had a convertible option. At least one person decided that was necessary and had one converted to a convertible sometime in its life, and now it could be yours.

The FJ Cruiser shown above is for sale on Craigslist by its current owner in Oakland, Michigan. According to the description, it was converted by Newport Convertible Engineering. If the name sounds familiar, it's because the company has done loads of convertible conversions. Its most recent project was turning an F-150 into a convertible. While we don't see an FJ Cruiser listed on the company's official site as one of its projects, we don't have any reason to doubt the seller, since the truck looks very professionally done, keeping all the doors functional, adding reinforcements, and having a top that fits cleanly and snugly.

Lexus Has Reportedly Signed Off On A Convertible Version Of The Lc, While An Lc F Performance Hero Also Looks Set For Production

Lexus has reportedly signed off on a convertible version of the LC, while an LC F performance hero also looks set for production

Lexus has reportedly signed off on a convertible version of the LC, while an LC F performance hero also looks set for production in the coming years.

According to a new article by the UK’s Auto Express, internal sources claim the drop-top LC has already been approved, while the ‘F’-branded version is looking likely for production as well.

Lexus Has A Approved A Convertible Version Of The Lc, And Is Close To Green-lighting A High-performance Lc F Trim

Lexus has a approved a convertible version of the LC, and is close to green-lighting a high-performance LC F trimAuto Express reports that Lexus has a approved a convertible version of the LC, and is close to green-lighting a high-performance LC F trim. The Detroit Bureau reported that the same two models were in development one year ago, citing Lexus sources at the Detroit Auto Show who told the outlet "a number of additional variants" would follow the coupe's launch. The timeline's been stretched a bit between then and now; instead of getting the convertible this year, Auto Express says the "done deal" droptop should arrive in 18 months to two years.

Lexus Lc Convertible Coming In Next Two Years?

Lexus LC Convertible Coming in Next Two Years?

Auto Express reports that Lexus is moving forward with a LC convertible, estimating a possible debut in the next two years:

Auto Express understands the drop-top has been given the green light internally, while a performance version of the striking flagship coupé is also likely to be signed off.

Lexus Reportedly Expanding Lc Lineup With Convertible, High-performance F Variants

Lexus Reportedly Expanding LC Lineup with Convertible, High-Performance F Variants

Lexus plans to add more variants to the LC lineup, including a convertible and a high-performance F model.

According to a report from Auto Express, citing an inside source, the Lexus LC Convertible has received the green light, and an LC F model is nearing approval. Expect to see the LC Convertible to be introduced within 18 months to two years, with the F variant coming afterwards.