Sardines Cooked With Escargot Butter Popular With Shoppers

Sardines cooked with escargot butter popular with shoppers

Chef Koji Yamada has been working with the local supermarket Tsuruya in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, to create healthy recipes for home cooking, which are distributed at all 33 stores of the supermarket in the prefecture.

Yamada, chef of Weisshorn, a restaurant located in Maruko Central Hospital in Ueda, comes up with three or four low-sodium recipes a month that feature in-season ingredients.

Head Of Men's Club Spawns Salmon Cooked In Piecrust

Head of men's club spawns salmon cooked in piecrust

Men who cooked were once teased as "roach husbands" because they scurried around the kitchen.

Despite the derision, men who loved cooking formed a club called Danshi Chubo ni Hairo-kai (Men, let us enter the kitchen club). The Tokyo-based group, known simply as Danchu-kai, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November under its fourth chairman, Hiromi Kanbe, 69.

'onigiri' Made With Rice Cooked On Venerable Wood Stove

'Onigiri' made with rice cooked on venerable wood stove

A trip to the Omori district of Oda, Shimane Prefecture, will make you feel as if you have slipped back in time. The streets lined with old-style houses are nestled deep in verdant mountains.

Omori, with a population of 400, is part of the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape that entered the limelight when it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site 10 years ago.

Nissan Sports Car Plan “not Yet Fully Cooked”

Nissan sports car plan “not yet fully cooked”Despite Nissan Silvia production ending in 2002, the GT-R debuting in 2007, and the 370Z first launching in Japan in 2008, the man in charge of Nissan Asia-Pacific, says the Japanese car maker is still “intensively discussing” its future sports car strategy.

Gyoza Heaven Is 1,000 Dumplings Cooked In A Single Pan

Gyoza heaven is 1,000 dumplings cooked in a single panIt was a sight to behold, and not even an attempt to get into Guinness World Records.
A gyoza association here decided to cook 1,000 gyoza in a single iron pan to take local people's minds off a decision to close a citizens center in this city known for its iron manufacturing.
Hundreds of people gathered Sept. 27 in front of the Yahata Citizen Hall in Yahata-Higashi Ward to savor piping hot gyoza from a pan about 1.3 meters in diameter.

Shabu-shabu (quick-cooked Beef)

Shabu-shabu RecipeIngredients:
2 pounds (900g) prime-quality, well-marbled beef or lamb
12 shiitake mushrooms, wiped and trimmed
6 long onions (naganegi) or 8-10 green onions
6 leaves Chinese cabbage
1 bunch edible chrysanthemum leaves (shungiku or kikuna), washed and trimmed
2 cakes tofu
6-10 small pieces wheat gluten (fu)
8 oz. (225g) bamboo shoot
ponzu sauce (see below)
sesame sauce (see below)
1 cup grated giant white radish (daikon-oroshi)
1/2 cup finely chopped green onion
4-inch (10cm) square giant kelp (kombu)

*Makes 6 servings

Sweet Potato Cooked In Delicate Syrup Is An Autumn Treat

Sweet potato cooked in delicate syrup is an autumn treatNewly harvested sweet potato is one of the harbingers of the arriving fall as the days begin to cool. Kimio Tomura, owner of a Kyoto-cuisine restaurant, turns it into a golden, sweet delicacy. The sweet potato (“satsuma-imo”) is also known as “maruju,” a name derived from the “cross in circle” crest of the feudal Shimazu clan that ruled the present-day Kagoshima Prefecture. Though it takes time, the process and tools required are simple.

Chinese Cabbage Cooked With Olive Oil

Chinese cabbage cooked with olive oilDuring the cold months of January and February, winter vegetables that are usually enjoyed in hot pots will be a big hit as petite Western-style side dishes.

Vegetables usually associated with Japanese cuisine will go well with bread and wine. For Chinese cabbage, cooking expert Masayo Waki recommends using the parts near the core instead of the large outer leaves.

Cooked 'ebi-imo,' A Type Of Taro

Cooked 'ebi-imo,' a type of taroIn Kyoto cuisine, there is a vegetable called “ebi-imo,” named for its shrimp-like stripes and curved shape. Although it has sharp edges, it melts in your mouth.

At the hands of chef Kimio Tomura, cooked “ebi-imo” (a type of “satoimo” taro) is a delight.