Jal Copilot Fails Preflight Alcohol Test

JAL copilot fails preflight alcohol test

It has been revealed that a Japan Airlines copilot was replaced after failing a preflight alcohol test at an airport in southwestern Japan.

The 54-year-old male copilot was to board a flight from Kagoshima to Tokyo on Saturday.

Jal Captain Got Copilot To Take Breathalyzer Test

JAL captain got copilot to take breathalyzer test

Japan Airlines says one of its pilots cheated two years ago on a preflight breath test by asking somebody else to do it in his place.

The company said a 59-year-old captain got his copilot to take a test for him before their flight from Japan's Narita Airport to Chicago in December 2017.

Copilot Live Premium Updated To Support Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia ZL goes on pre-order for US customersCoPilot Live Android app has just been updated to support the Sony Xperia Z.

The Android app comes in two flavours: 1) CoPilot Live Premium that offers voice-guided GPS navigation and live traffic updates and 2) CoPilot GPS which has free offline mapping but requires an in-app purchase for voice navigation.