Honda Nsx Costs Twice As Much As Nissan Gt-r

Honda NSX Costs Twice As Much As Nissan GT-RThe Acura NSX is a Japanese supercar... right? Only it's made in America and sold under the label of a predominantly American brand. But now it's coming “home” to roost as parent company Honda has started selling its new hybrid sports car back in Japan.

Limited Edition 24-karat Gold Nes Costs $5000

Limited Edition 24-Karat Gold NES Costs $5000Analogue is a game hardware company that’s best known for selling the Nt, a modified and beautiful variant of the NES system, and now it has gone one step further. In order to pay tribute to The Legend of Zelda franchise on its 30th anniversary, the company has created a super limited edition version of the Nt that’s decked in 24-karat gold. Only ten units of this Nt will be produced and sold.

Casio Exilim Tr Selfie Camera Very High Costs

Casio Exilim TR Selfie Camera Very High CostsSelfies are pretty big these days, and it does not look as though the selfie trend is about to die off anytime soon. In fact, we have even seen strides made in the realm of selfie phone cases, not to mention special software to brighten up your face in a selfie, as found in the likes of the Oppo F1. Casio intends to ride on the coattails of selfie popularity with the introduction of its Casio Exilim TR camera.

Top Court Says Hibakusha Living Overseas Entitled To Medical Costs

Top court says hibakusha living overseas entitled to medical costsThe Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling Sept. 8 by ordering the government to pay medical costs of atomic bomb survivors living overseas, a decision that will affect thousands of people.
Upholding an Osaka High Court ruling in 2014, the top court's third petty bench said the Atomic Bomb Survivors’ Support Law must be applied "even when atomic bomb survivors received medical treatment abroad.”

Logo Change To Create Additional Costs

Logo change to create additional costsThe organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will face additional costs after withdrawing the emblems.
They said on Tuesday that they had decided to stop using the logos designed by Japanese art director Kenjiro Sano.

Reconstruction Costs Estimated At 6 Trillion Yen

Reconstruction costs estimated at 6 trillion yenThe Japanese government estimates the cost of rebuilding areas devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami over the next 5 years to be about 47 billion dollars.
The government is set to decide by the end of this month a new framework for financial assistance for the disaster-hit region over 5 years starting in April next year.

Will More Effective Tech Mean Higher Costs For Subaru?

2013 New York Auto Show : 2014 Subaru Crosstrek HybridOn the off chance that the most recent controlling by the California Air Resources Board holds, then Subaru at any rate must form a module half breed in the advancing years to agree to the Golden State's regulations. Efficiency hopes to enhance in all cases for the brand, however, on account of $780 million going into the improvement of cleaner powertrains for this financial year alone. Then again, purchasers may need to pay more for a Subie later on after this help in green spending.

Scudding Burr-free Processing Technology For High-tensile Steel Components Halves Costs And Substantially Improves Productivity

Scudding burr-free processing technology for high-tensile steel components halves costs and substantially improves productivityNojima Seisakusyo has developed scudding burr-free processing technology for high-tensile steel components, with support from the Japanese Government. Among components used in automotive seat frames, a growing percentage are made from steel with high tensile strength. This has resulted in a need for technology enabling such components to be processed efficiently.

How Much The New Subaru Outback Costs In The Uk

Photo Gallery : 2015 Subaru OutbackThe all-new Outback can now be ordered in the UK, where it’s officially listed with a starting on-the-road price of £27,995. Subaru is keen to point out in its press blurb that the Outback was “the first ever crossover spawning a whole range of copy cat models ever since,” this time promising more a more upmarket feel and more tech.