Ayaka Unveils Details On Her Upcoming Cover Album

Ayaka unveils details on her upcoming cover album

Ayaka has unveiled the details on her second cover album "Yu-on Club ~2nd grade~" that's scheduled to be released on May 13. 

Ayaka's first cover album was released about 7 years ago. Her upcoming album will feature a total of 10 tracks including covers of Mr.Children's "everybody goes ~Chitsujo no Nai Gendai ni Drop Kick~," back number's "Heroine," Hirai Ken's "Love Love Love," Nakajima Miyuki's "Ito," and more. 

Ieiri Leo To Release New Cd Featuring 'major 2nd' Op And 5 Cover Songs

Ieiri Leo to release new CD featuring 'Major 2nd' OP and 5 cover songs

Ieiri Leo's new CD "Answer" will be released on April 22. 

In addition to "Answer," which will be used as the opening theme for the second series of anime 'Major 2nd,' and its instrumental version, the CD will contain five cover songs that Ieiri carefully selected after asking her fans which songs they want her to cover. More details on the cover songs will be revealed later. 

2021 Honda Odyssey Breaks Cover With Minor Redesign, More Tech

2021 Honda Odyssey breaks cover with minor redesign, more tech

The 2021 Honda Odyssey is getting its midlife refresh and biggest update since it was totally redesigned for the 2018 model year. Honda says we'll receive more information and photos at the New York Auto Show, but the preview today is pretty comprehensive.

From a design perspective, the Odyssey gets a new blacked-out grille, eschewing the chrome, blocky design on the current car. Now, there's a small chrome strip atop the grille, making for a much cleaner look. The lower front bumper was redesigned, in conjunction with the fog light housings. New LED headlights are said to be more powerful and efficient than the last ones, too. We only have the one photo for now, but it already looks more handsome than the previous design. Honda upped the black trim even further by using it around the rear window, too. The photo doesn't show the back, but Honda says there's a chrome strip just above the black trim, mimicking the front grille style.

Us May Ask Allies To Cover Base Budget Diversion

US may ask allies to cover base budget diversion

The US Department of Defense has suggested that allies make up military base budget shortfalls as a result of a planned diversion of funds to build the US-Mexico border wall.

The department has decided to reallocate about 1.8 billion dollars from US military bases in 19 countries.

New Nissan Skyline Breaks Cover In Japan, Hints Of Gt-r In The Styling - Autoblog

New Nissan Skyline breaks cover in Japan, hints of GT-R in the styling - Autoblog

The current Infiniti Q50, known in Japan as the Nissan Skyline, doesn't evoke images of the 2020 GT-R in our minds. But Nissan is aiming to change that ever so slightly with the newest version of its Skyline. The inspiration is clear both the front and rear. Nissan performed a full overhaul on the front end to give it a fascia similar to that of the GT-R. The proportions are not exactly the same, but the shape is obvious. Nissan says it's also bringing back the four-circle taillights we're so used to seeing on older Skylines. It's not an exact replica of the past, but we can definitely see what Nissan is going for. Engine options are sort of a moot point, since we're sure an updated Q50 will differ from the Nissan version of the car. Still, Japan does get the equivalent to what we call the 400 Red Sport with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 making 400 horsepower. It's called the 400R in Japan. There are a couple hybrid options available, too. Nissan took this Skyline debut as an opportunity to show off the second generation of its ProPilot Assist, called ProPilot 2.0. There's no word as to when this more advanced system will make it into U.S. cars, but it's going to be on the new Skyline. The big news here is legitimate hands-off highway driving when cruising in a single lane. Nissan takes a page out of Cadillac's book to accomplish such a feat, using a driver monitoring system in the cabin to continually confirm the driver's attention is on the road. In order for the system to work, the driver will need to have a destination set in the car's navigation system. The car will attempt to judge when it should pass a slower moving vehicle, based on the navigation system and all the car's sensors. Once decided, the driver will receive audio and visual guidance to put their hands on the wheel, then will need to confirm the pass with a switch. The car will apparently take it from there, so long as your hands are detected on the wheel. Nissan says that if a driver fails to respond to an alert, the vehicle automatically puts the flashers on and slowly comes to a stop. Regular ProPilot Assist hasn't even been rolled out to every new Nissan in the U.S., but we hope to be able to test this system as soon as it's available in cars stateside. Nissan bills it as an "on-ramp to off-ramp," which makes it's one of the more comprehensive driver assistance systems out there.

Workers Using Sheets To Cover Quake-damaged Roofs

Workers using sheets to cover quake-damaged roofs

Workers in the quake-hit city of Tsuruoka are using plastic sheets to cover roofs that were damaged by Tuesday's powerful temblor in northern Japan.

A number of homes in the city's Koiwagawa district lost roof tiles in the quake. They developed ceiling leaks when rains pounded the area on Wednesday.

Ministry Panel: No Systematic Cover-up Found

Ministry panel: No systematic cover-up found

A special investigative panel of Japan's health and labor ministry has concluded that there was no systematic cover-up of the ministry's flawed statistics, although the office in charge made false explanations.

The ministry set up the panel of outside experts in January to examine problems linked to its monthly survey on wages and working hours.

Ministry Panel: No Cover-up Found In Data Scandal

Ministry panel: No cover-up found in data scandal

A special investigative panel of Japan's health and labor ministry says there was no systematic cover-up in the ministry's flawed statistics scandal.

The ministry set up the panel of outside experts in January to probe illegalities linked to its monthly survey on wages and working hours.

Shibasaki Kou To Cover Maroon5's Song 'maps'

Shibasaki Kou to cover Maroon5's song 'Maps'

It's been revealed that Shibasaki Kou will be doing a Japanese cover of Maroon5's popular song "Maps." It will be released digitally on February 20. 

The song will be produced by Jazztronik's Nozaki Ryota. Shibasaki commented, "As a listener of Maroon5, I feel very honored to do an official cover. With arrangement done by Jazztronik's Nozaki Ryota-san, there will be new sounds incorporated into the original melody, but the lyrics will have the same worldview.

Hyde's New Single To Include A Self Cover Of 'honey'

HYDE's new single to include a self cover of 'HONEY'

HYDE will release his new single "MAD QUALIA" on March 20. 

This is HYDE's second single of the year following "ZIPANG" released on February 6. It will include the title track, which was written as the image song for Capcom's action game 'Devil May Cry 5' and a self cover of L'Arc~en~Ciel's "HONEY."

Labor Ministry Probe Focuses On Possible Cover-up

Labor ministry probe focuses on possible cover-up

A committee investigating the faulty statistics survey of Japan's labor ministry is focused on whether there was systematic involvement in misconduct or cover-ups.

The labor ministry was supposed to cover all large businesses in Tokyo for its monthly statistics report on wages and hours, but was found to have been surveying only a fraction of them.

Kiyoharu To Release A Cover Album From Pony Canyon

Kiyoharu to release a cover album from Pony Canyon

Kiyoharu has transferred to Pony Canyon, and will be releasing a cover album (currently untitled) this summer. 

It's been 25 years since Kiyoharu made his major debut as the vocalist of Kuroyume. His first cover album will include a self cover of sads' fourth single "Boukyaku no Sora" (released in 2002). More details will be revealed via his 25th anniversary website, which will open on February 9.