Fujimaki Ryota To Release Self Cover Album

Fujimaki Ryota to release self cover album

Fujimaki Ryota will be covering Remioromen's songs for a self cover album (currently untitled) to be released this spring. 

For this album, Fujimaki will sing to his own accompaniment and will cover various Remioromen songs. He will also be taking fans' request to "discover a new charm of Remiorimen and make an album together with the listeners." You can vote which songs you want Fujimaki to cover here. 

Daigo To Release A Cover Album

DAIGO to release a cover album

DAIGO (BREAKERZ) will release a cover album, titled "Deing," on December 5. 

This album will feature DAIGO's covers of hit songs from the record company Being. A total of 11 tracks will be included such as T-BOLAN's "Hanashitaku wa Nai," WANDS' "Motto Tsuyoku Dakishimetanara," Ohguro Maki's "Anata Dake Mitsumeteru," and ZARD's "Eien." 

Golden Bomber's Kiryuin Sho To Release A Self-cover Album

Golden Bomber's Kiryuin Sho to release a self-cover album

Golden Bomber's Kiryuin Sho (Vo-karu) will release a self-cover album "Koshitsu Shisan" on December 5. 

For this album, Kiryuin will cover songs that he's provided to other artists, such as Daikoku Danji, Dancing Dolls, and Kishidan. In addition, it will include "America," which was performed as Kiryuin's solo debut song back in 2013. As the bonus track, the album will include a cover of MUCC's "Brilliant World."

Nakashima Mika To Release 2nd Acoustic Cover Album

Nakashima Mika to release 2nd acoustic cover album

Nakashima Mika will release her second acoustic album "PORTRAIT~Piano & Voice~" on November 7. 

The upcoming album will include nine re-recordings of Nakashima's hit tracks and two poetry readings. Kouno Shin (Piano) and Ebinu Takashi (B) participated in the recording. 

Ikimonogakari's Yoshioka Kiyoe Reveals Jacket Cover For 1st Solo Album

Ikimonogakari's Yoshioka Kiyoe reveals jacket cover for 1st solo album

Yoshioka Kiyoe of Ikimonogakari has revealed the jacket cover for her first solo album "Uta Iro" to drop on October 24. 

For "Uta Iro," Yoshioka covers songs that she wanted to sing as a soloist. It will include covers of Yoshida Minako's "Yume de Aetara," Nakajima Miyuki's "Ito," Yonezu Kenshi's "Eine Kleine," Yuzu's "Shonen," Spitz's "Tsumetai Hoho," and more. The jacket cover features colorful polka dots on Yoshioka's portrait. 

Rugby Players Asked To Cover Up Tattoos

Rugby players asked to cover up tattoos

In just one year, some of the toughest athletes are set to hit the pitch in Japan for the Rugby World Cup. As the players gear up to play, they're getting some advice about adhering to local customs, including covering up their tattoos.

Rugby's international governing body is asking players to wear sports vests when visiting gyms and pools. It says tattoos are often associated with Japanese organized crime known as the "yakuza."

Defense Minister: No Cover-up Of Missing Log Issue

Defense Minister: No cover-up of missing log issue

Japan's Defense Minister has made the remark that the failure by officials to report in their discovery of activity logs during the Self-Defense Forces' mission in Iraq was due to a lack of awareness rather than a systemic cover-up.

The ministry released a report on Wednesday on why the existence of logs of the Ground Self-Defense Force mission that helped rebuild the war-torn country were not reported to then Defense Minister Tomomi Inada last year.

Jacket Cover And Track List For Utada Hikaru's New Album Revealed

Jacket cover and track list for Utada Hikaru's new album revealed

The jacket cover and track list for Utada Hikaru's new album "Hatsukoi" have been revealed. 

The jacket cover was shot by Japanese photographer Takay who takes photos for fashion magazines and advertising in the United States and Europe. It shows a very natural expression of the singer who is celebrating her 20th anniversary this year. 

May J. To Release Her 4th Cover Album

May J. to release her 4th cover album

May J. will release a cover album, tentatively titled "Cinema Song Covers," in July.

This will be the singer's fourth cover album, and her first since "Sweet Song Covers" was released over two years ago. The upcoming album will be a two-disc set including covers of theme songs from notable films. In its DVD, you will find her performance from 'billboard classics May J. Premium Concert 2017 ~Me, Myself & Orchestra~', which was her first full orchestra concert held last November at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.

Sheena Ringo Announces New Self Cover Album + Tour

Sheena Ringo announces new self cover album + tour

Sheena Ringo will release a new album titled "Gyakuyunyu ~Kokukyoku~" on December 6.

Following "Gyakuyunyu ~Kowankyoku~" released back in 2014, this marks the singer's second self cover album. It will feature 11 songs that she has provided to other artists from 2000 to 2017, such as "Karei naru Gyakushu" (SMAP, 2015) and "Otona no Okite" (Drama 'Quartet'). For "Kowankyoku," Sheena worked with a different arranger for each song. This time, she will be working with Saito Neko, Murata Yoichi, Nagoshi Yukio, and Asakawa Tomoyuki, all musicians that have been involved with her works in the recent years.

Zagato Isorivolta Vision Gran Turismo Breaks Cover In Tokyo

Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo Breaks Cover In Tokyo

Milanese coachbuilder Zagato has unveiled the IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, a car that anyone can drive as long as they have a PlayStation.

This new Zagato model is available in Gran Turismo Sport on PS4, boasting an overall theme that combines sleek Italian aesthetics with the brawn of American powertrains.