Miso Flavored With 'kinome' Brings Perfection To Spring Veggies

Miso flavored with 'kinome' brings perfection to spring veggies

The vivid green asparagus, subtle yellow bamboo shoot and "urui" (young leaves of hosta), and white "udo" (spikenard) are pleasing to the eye.

Naoyuki Yanagihara pours some yellow-green miso flavored with "kinome" (young leaves of "sansho" or Japanese pepper) and creates a dish with a "sunny" feel.

Tofu With Walnut Sauce Features In Expanded Menu For Nara Monks

Tofu with walnut sauce features in expanded menu for Nara monks

The Shuni-e (commonly called Omizutori) ceremony has been held at Todaiji Temple in Nara since the Nara Period (710-784).

Although the large torches that shower sparks on people are famous, they are simply meant to lead the monks to the temple hall. The monks pray for the happiness of all living things and go through the cycle of penitence and prayer.

Nara-style Tea Rice Brings About Aroma From The Edo Period

Nara-style tea rice brings about aroma from the Edo Period

Besides teaching Japanese cuisine in Tokyo's Akasaka district, Naoyuki Yanagihara frequents libraries to read documents from the Edo Period (1603-1867). He believes that studying the originality and ingenuity of his forerunners will show him the path he should take.

"I try to learn the changes in the ingredients and cooking procedures and make use of them today," the 39-year-old cooking expert says.

Strikingly Red, Tomato-flavored Macaroni Gratin Absorbs 'umami'

Strikingly red, tomato-flavored macaroni gratin absorbs 'umami'

The word "gratin" may conjure images of a white-sauce-based dish. But at Shiseido Parlour's main restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district, the red color of the tomato-flavored gratin stands out.

"Some guests are surprised to see a dish that is quite different from what they had imagined," says Naohisa Inoue, the 50-year-old grand chef of the restaurant.

Salt Is Key In Sumptuous Twist On Single-veggie Stir-fry

Salt is key in sumptuous twist on single-veggie stir-fry

For the last 10 years Midori Takahashi has been spending two days a week in her husband's hometown. When the "food stylist" began visiting Kuroiso in Tochigi Prefecture, she fell in love with a warehouse with a nostalgic feel close to the station.

She felt the town could do with a little more vibrancy, so she and her husband renovated the warehouse and opened the antique shop Tamiser Kuroiso in 2009. They hoped it might attract a few more people to the area.

Mixed Sushi A La Sadako Sawamura Recipe

Mixed sushi a la Sadako Sawamura Recipe

Midori Takahashi likes to reread essays by actress Sadako Sawamura (1908-1996), and "Watashi no Kondate Nikki" (My menu diary), in particular, serves as a guide to "ways of living and cooking" for the 60-year-old "food stylist."

The book lists the menus that Sawamura began recording when she was 57. It shows that despite her busy schedule working on films and TV dramas, she based her life around the dinner table she shared with her husband and planned thoughtful menus.

The Mie Prefectural Government And A Teamaker Have Teamed To Offer Something For The Well-heeled To Wash Them Down With

The Mie prefectural government and a teamaker have teamed to offer something for the well-heeled to wash them down with

TSU, Mie Prefecture--In a nation filled with expensive fruit and food gifts, the Mie prefectural government and a teamaker have teamed to offer something for the well-heeled to wash them down with.

Ise Kabuse, a 720-millilter bottle of tea priced at 23,000 yen ($210), excluding tax, will be sold from February by the Maruha Teas Co.

Unbeatable Matcha Smoothie Recipes

Unbeatable matcha smoothie recipesBring more health and vitality into your day with these unbeatable matcha smoothie recipes. As well as containing high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients, matcha green tea also has a wonderfully earthy, leafy flavour that works fantastically well with sweet drinks and desserts. Enjoy any of these smoothies as part of your breakfast, as a mid-morning rejuvenator, or even as a super-healthy dessert.

Green, Clean Eating With Veg Steamed In Garlic And Olive Oil

Green, clean eating with veg steamed in garlic and olive oil

"Food stylist" Midori Takahashi specializes in maximizing the potential of dishes through choices of plates, place mats and more to effectively enhance them and the perception of the cook responsible for them.

After studying pottery in a two-year college, Takahashi, 60, worked at an illustrator's office before striking out on her own. Her skill for highlighting depictions of cooked dishes earned her a reputation, and she decided to follow her chosen career.

Tighter Rules Prompt Wineries To Review Indications

Tighter rules prompt wineries to review indications

Jiji Press YAMAGATA (Jiji Press) — Some wineries are moving to change their product indications containing geographical names ahead of the planned tightening of place-of-origin rules aimed at preventing consumers' misunderstanding amid the rising reputation of domestic wines.

Among them is Takeda Winery in the city of Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture, whose mainstay products include the Zao Star series. The product brand name derives from the Zao mountain range, known for popular ski resorts and the tourist-attracting scenery of frozen snow-covered trees.