Japanese Beef And Soba Noodle Salad

Japanese beef and soba noodle saladThe ultimate beef noodle salad - and the secret is all in the dressing. Tender rump, soba noodles and fresh vegetables, sprinkled with nutty sesame seeds.

Shoyu Chicken Ramen With Fresh Corn And Choy Sum

Shoyu chicken ramen with fresh corn and choy sumINGREDIENTS
2 teaspoons sesame oil
3cm-piece fresh ginger, thinly sliced
2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
2 green shallots, thinly sliced, white and green parts separated
2L (8 cups) chicken stock
80ml (1/3 cup) soy sauce
15g (about 6) whole dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked, drained
2 tablespoons cooking sake
2 tablespoons mirin
2 (about 500g) chicken breast fillets
270g pkt dried somen noodles
1 sweetcorn cob, kernels removed
1 bunch choy sum, trimmed
4 soft-boiled eggs, to serve

Shiitake In 'tataki' Style, The Pride Of Old Towa In Kochi

Shiitake in 'tataki' style, the pride of old Towa in Kochi

Dishes including shiitake mushrooms grown on logs is what the former Towa village, now located in Shimanto in Kochi Prefecture that is known for the clear Shimanto River, takes pride in.

Although the cooking procedure differs, this week's recipe is named after the renowned dish of Tosa called "katsuo no tataki," a type of bonito sashimi, which is broiled and served with garlic and other seasonings.

Sauteed 'itadori' Knotweed, A Gift Of Nature Along Clear Kochi River

Sauteed 'itadori' knotweed, a gift of nature along clear Kochi river

After driving about two hours from Kochi Airport, coming off the expressway and cruising along the clear Shimantogawa river, you reach the former Towa village.

Located in the western part of Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, about 90 percent of the area is covered in mountain forests, with farmland and private homes dotting the area along the renowned river.

A Few Twists Turn Rice Ball Into Rewarding Feast Atop A Mountain

A few twists turn rice ball into rewarding feast atop a mountain

If mountain climbing is your thing, a little ingenuity can transform the humble rice ball into more delicious fare.

That's the advice of Junji Kosuzume, who is a big fan of the great outdoors. He says there is nothing better than scaling a peak or canoeing with friends, and then taking pride in the shared accomplishment by tucking into a long-awaited meal that packs more punch.

Orange Juice Faucet No Longer Running Joke At Matsuyama Airport

Orange juice faucet no longer running joke at Matsuyama airport

A new refreshment stand featuring a unique faucet opened Thursday at Matsuyama airport in western Japan, making a reality the long-running joke that orange juice flows like water in citrus-producing Ehime Prefecture.

At the stand, named the Orange Bar, customers can serve themselves the juice of local citrus fruits for 350 yen per glass, with the type of juice varying depending on the season. Ehime is one of Japan's major citrus fruit production areas.

Fried Chicken Marinated In Refreshing Ume Apricot Vinegar

Fried chicken marinated in refreshing ume apricot vinegar

Ume (Japanese apricot) become plumper each time it rains here in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan's top production area of the fruit.

The town of Minabe is home to the renowned Nanko-ume. It was 44 years ago that the "ume ka" (ume section) was opened in the village office of Minabegawa, which later became Minabe town.

Crunchy Pickled Plums Give Contrast To Marinated Tuna

Crunchy pickled plums give contrast to marinated tuna

"Danshi Chubo ni Hairo-kai" (Men, let us enter the kitchen club) will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November.

The Tokyo-based club, known as Danchu-kai, has been active since back in the day when men rarely ventured into the kitchen unless they were raiding the fridge for a beer.

Head Of Men's Club Spawns Salmon Cooked In Piecrust

Head of men's club spawns salmon cooked in piecrust

Men who cooked were once teased as "roach husbands" because they scurried around the kitchen.

Despite the derision, men who loved cooking formed a club called Danshi Chubo ni Hairo-kai (Men, let us enter the kitchen club). The Tokyo-based group, known simply as Danchu-kai, will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November under its fourth chairman, Hiromi Kanbe, 69.