Katsu Sandwich Recipe

Katsu Sandwich RecipeThe pork cutlet sandwich, or “katsu sando” as it is known in Japan is a popular lunchbox item and can be found in many convienence stores and on

the ubiquitous food carts wheeling up and down the aisles on Japanese bullet trains, or “shinkansen.” Katsu sandwiches are not only delicious, but very easy to make.

Kinpira Recipe

Kinpira RecipeKinpira is a Japanese cooking style in which sliced vegetables are stir-fried and seasoned with sugar and soy sauce. Renkon (lotus root) has a snappy texture and a distinct appearance that will surely afford you many compliments!

Bolognese Sauce With Tagliatelle Recipe

Bolognese sauce with tagliatelle recipeHow about a rich Bolognese sauce that is ready in half an hour without stir-frying?

“We should make good use of the flavor of quality red meat. It’s like cooking the meat swiftly in tasty tomato soup,” says chef Kuniaki Arima.

Traditional Rag Market In Tokyo Changing With The Times

Traditional rag market in Tokyo changing with the timesKaori Sakurai's business goes bananas twice a year. The cafe owner is one of nearly 700 dealers and vendors that make up one of Tokyo’s longest-running outdoor markets--the Setagaya Boro-ichi (rag market) held Dec. 15 and 16 and Jan. 15 and 16 of every year in Tokyo’s western Setagaya Ward.

Japanese Winter Caponata Recipe

Japanese Winter caponata recipeChef Kuniaki Arima's latest creation is a vegetable dish with a hint of Italy.

A colorful concoction of marinated root vegetables, it borrows its name from the Italian eggplant and tomato summer dish: a winter caponata.

Tuscan-style White Kidney Beans

Tuscan-style white kidney beansItaly's Tuscany region offers wine, olives and bean dishes.

Unlike in Japan, where kidney beans are often cooked with sugar, white kidney beans are used in Tuscany in appetizers, salads and soup.

Mackerel Sushi

Mackerel sushiThe season of fall mackerel sushi--an ingenious way to enjoy fish developed in the pre-refrigerator era--has finally arrived and newly harvested rice is on hand for the perfect combination.

Hot Pot Of Horse Mackerel Dumpling

Hot pot of horse mackerel dumplingThe centerpiece of today’s dish--hot pot with dumplings of in-season horse mackerel--is the gold-tinted stock made from fishbone.

“In the past when ingredients were scarce, people used fishbone,” says Kimio Tomura, owner of a Japanese restaurant. “But it suits horse mackerel dumplings better than bonito stock.”

Chinese Cabbage Cooked With Olive Oil

Chinese cabbage cooked with olive oilDuring the cold months of January and February, winter vegetables that are usually enjoyed in hot pots will be a big hit as petite Western-style side dishes.

Vegetables usually associated with Japanese cuisine will go well with bread and wine. For Chinese cabbage, cooking expert Masayo Waki recommends using the parts near the core instead of the large outer leaves.

Bean-sprout Hot Pot

Bean-sprout hot potCooking expert Atsuko Matsumoto introduces simple hot pot dishes you can easily whip up to chase away the winter chill.

“When my children were still young and came home famished, this quick dish was quite useful,” Matsumoto says.

Meatball Hotpot For A Winter Meal

Meatball hotpot for a winter mealWhile nabe (hot pot) dishes are a standard winter food, this dish makes preparing it delightfully simple: meatballs made of minced chicken bobbing in a broth of dashi, and eaten with seasonal vegetables--carrots, daikon, mizuna and green onions--stirred lightly in the same way as shabu-shabu.

Simmered Chicken With Root Vegetables

Simmered chicken with root vegetablesA dish of simmered chicken and root vegetables known as “chikuzen-ni” is the perfect choice for festive occasions. “A fail-proof way is to sautee and simmer in a frying pan,” says Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association. Dashi stock is not required since the “umami” flavor of each ingredient creates a rich flavor as a whole. Some of the ingredients may be omitted for everyday meals but chicken, burdock and dried shiitake are musts. Serves four.

Smoked Goods Bring Home The Bacon On The Streets Of Osaka

Smoked goods bring home the bacon on the streets of OsakaAn artisanal vendor is bringing delicious home-smoked foods to happy customers on the streets of Osaka--if they can find her.

Hisako Ishimoto's food van roams the busy business district of Midosuji in central Osaka late in the afternoon, searching for the perfect location before setting up shop for a mere two hours from 5 p.m.