Tokushima Dishes Up Venison To Curb Deer Population

Tokushima dishes up venison to curb deer populationFor years, the city of Mima in Tokushima Prefecture has struggled to deal with an overpopulation of deer, but had no real effective means for reducing their numbers.

Hoping to solve that problem, the city and prefectural governments have donned aprons to dish up recipes for venison.

3 Restaurants With Japanese Chefs Earn French Michelin Star

3 restaurants with Japanese chefs earn French Michelin starThree restaurants with Japanese chefs have earned a star in the 2012 French edition of the prestigious Michelin guide, its publisher said Monday.   The feat brought the total number of France-based restaurants with Japanese chefs with Michelin stars to 12, including six in Paris, according to the publisher.

Freeze-dried Meals Tried And Tested In The Antarctic

Freeze-dried meals tried and tested in the AntarcticAs a man who has ventured into some of the world’s most hostile environments, Mikio Abe knows the importance of getting a nourishing warm meal without the hassle of carrying around pots and pans.

An alpinist and professional photographer, Abe was a member of three Antarctic expeditions beginning in 2007, during which he served as the officer in charge of procuring food supplies.

Have You Ever Heard Healthy Sweets ?

Have You Ever Heard Healthy Sweets ?Hello Everyone! This is Tomomi Hama from ariTV. Today, I’m gona introduce about brand-new “Sendai Aoba Sweets”?   what is the “Sendai Aoba Sweets”?   Sendai Aoba Sweets are kind of new sweets, they taste great because they are made from fresh quality produce here in Sendai.

Japanese Cuisine To Be Nominated For Unesco World Heritage List

Japanese cuisine to be nominated for UNESCO world heritage listThe Cultural Affairs Council decided Friday to recommend regional and traditional Japanese food culture be listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage asset.   The government will file a formal nomination of ''Washoku: Traditional Dietary Cultures of the Japanese'' to the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in March. A decision by UNESCO is not expected before November 2013 at the earliest.

Freeze-dried Foods Gaining In Popularity

Freeze-dried foods gaining in popularityNo longer limited to simple ingredients for miso soup and cup noodles, freeze-dried food products keep increasing in variety.

Using advanced technology to maintain the taste of the original ingredients, freeze-dried curries and croquettes are now available.

Consulate Hosts Japanese Cuisine Clinic For Cooks In Ny

Consulate hosts Japanese cuisine clinic for cooks in NYThe Japanese Consulate General in New York on Saturday hosted a workshop for cooks on handling and preparing raw fish.   Sushi chef Toshio Suzuki demonstrated how to remove blood from flounder and other fish and how to cut them up while keeping them hygienic to an audience of around 20 at Michelin-starred seafood restaurant Oceana in New York.

Bread Spreads All The Rage With Japanese Food Makers

Bread spreads all the rage with Japanese food makersThe saying that man cannot live by bread alone seems to have been taken to heart by Japanese food manufacturers.

With changing dietary styles, bread has supplanted rice as a staple at the breakfast table of many Japanese households, and food makers are keen to capitalize on the development by offering a variety of spreads and condiments.

Heart-shaped Kamaboko On Sale For Valentine's Day

Heart-shaped kamaboko on sale for Valentine's DayIt may not sound like the most romantic of ingredients, but a company here is using boiled fish paste to create heart-shaped "kamaboko" for Valentine's Day on Feb. 14.

Abekamabokoten, which usually makes "sasa-kamaboko," or bamboo leaf-shaped fish paste, has put cream cheese in its latest products, called "Pure Heart."

Earthquake Evacuees Feast On Tuna

Earthquake evacuees feast on tunaAn expert sushi chef carved an entire 38-kilogram bluefin tuna for earthquake evacuees on Jan. 29 as part of a New Year event to raise morale in this quake-hit city.

Three tuna, including the 38-kg fish, were filleted into 200 servings by sushi chefs working for the Ogawa district support center, which serves people living in temporary housing in the city’s Sakuragi district, and a local residents’ association. About 70 evacuees watched.

Stir-fried Shrimp And Egg

Stir-fried shrimp and eggThe egg is a familiar ingredient but you may feel your repertoire of egg dishes is somewhat limited. Here is a dish with shrimp and herbal vegetables that could be the main dish. But the first step is to clean the shrimp by using the dehydrating effect of salt to remove the smell, and using katakuriko starch to clean the surface.

Design Festa At Tokyo Big Sight 2011

Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight 2011Design Festa is a biannual international art event, and everyone can exhibit as long as it is original. This year, 8,500 artists will be exhibiting, buying and selling their works in a variety of mediums at more than 3,000 booths at Tokyo Big Sight.

Try 'udon' For True Taste Of Japan

Ayao OkumuraA Japanese culinary expert is adamant that thick "udon" noodles so beloved in Japan originated in this country, not China.

Ayao Okumura, a food expert specializing in traditional Japanese cuisine, recently released "Nihon Menshoku Bunka no Sensanbyakunen" (The 1,300 years of noodle-eating culture in Japan) from the Rural Culture Association Japan.