Dj Hello Kitty In Japan Store

DJ Hello Kitty in Japan StoreJapanese teenagers crowded a new Hello Kitty themed store in one of Tokyo’s hippest areas on Thursday as the mouthless cat turned global icon of cuteness entertained them with her music-mixing skills.

Unesco Recognition For Japanese Food

UNESCO recognition for Japanese foodA government committee is pushing Japan to campaign for “intangible cultural heritage” status for its cuisine after French and Mediterranean food were given the honor.

Rad Near Tokyo Supermarket Unrel To Fukush

Rad near Tokyo supermarket unrelated to FukushimaA high level of radiation detected near a supermarket in Tokyo appears to be unrelated to the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, science ministry officials said Tuesday.

Keene Give Encouragement Words In Sendai

Keene give encouragement words in SendaiDonald Keene, 89, a pre-eminent scholar of Japanese culture, spoke to reporters in Sendai on Oct. 19, giving words of encouragement for the disaster-hit Tohoku region.
"The world saw how the Japanese remained calm during the disaster and did what they needed to do," said Keene. "My respect for the Japanese multiplied."

Students Overseas To Lead Japan Pr Push

Students overseas to lead Japan PR pushJapanese studying at universities overseas will be encouraged to teach Japanese language and culture at local schools and companies under an education ministry plan to develop human resources knowledgeable about Japan, a ministry official said Thursday.

Noda Appoints 22 Senior Vice Min

Noda appoints 22 senior vice minJapan's new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Monday appointed 22 Diet members as senior vice ministers, with an eye to bolstering ruling party unity and speeding postdisaster reconstruction.

Japanese Cuisine Unesco Her.

Japanese cuisine as UNESCO heritageJapan’s farm ministry plans to recommend the nation’s food culture as a UNESCO-designated intangible cultural heritage, ministry officials said Wednesday.

Japanese Lifestyle Catch On Chinese

Daiwa House Industry Lu Li is moving to a smaller, but more expensive home. The attraction? Its Japanese features.

Lu bought an 80-square-meter condominium for about 2 million yuan (24 million yen), close to her current condominium of more than 100 square meters.

Niigata Promotes As 'manga City'

Dokaben NiigataNiigata city has joined the long line of municipalities using manga and anime for economic revitalization. But Niigata officials say they intend to make the prefectural capital the true "Manga City" of Japan.

A key highlight of the push will be the Niigata Anime and Manga Festival 2011 on Feb. 26-27, which combines three events, officials said.

Tokyo City

Tokyo CityTokyo is Japan's capital and largest city . It is one of the most populous cities in the world. A thriving center of economy, culture and industry.

Tokyo consists of the southwestern part of the Kanto region, the Izu Islands, and the Ogasawara Islands

Kyoto Japan's Culture Heart

Kyoto BambooLook to Kyoto if you want to explore Japan’s cultural heart.

In Kyoto, you will find the ancient temples, shrines, palace grounds and peaceful gardens that shaped Japan as its imperial capital from 794 until 1868.Despite Kyoto’s 1.4 million population, you also will find a slower-paced setting that eludes tourists who confine their travels to Tokyo and its more hectic “Lost in Translation” atmosphere.

Akb48 Megane Best Dresser Award

AKB48 Megane best dresser awardAKB48 received the special prize at the 24th Megane Best Dresser Awards. Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi, Kitahara Rie, Fujie Reina, Miyazawa Sae, Yokayama Yui, and Watanabe Mayu were selected as the “Megane senbatsu members” to receive the award.

Tenchijin Relief Concert

Tenchijin relief concertTenchijin will hold the Japan Earthquake Relief Event “Yattemare!” in Goshogawara, a city in the Tohoku region of Japan, on Sunday afternoon. “Yattemare” means “Let’s do it together” in Tsugaru dialect, and is also a phrase yelled by revelers of Tachineputa Festival, the largest summer festival of Goshogawara.

12y Girl Violin 1st Prize

12y girl violin 1st prizeA 12-year-old Japanese girl won first prize at an international competition for young violinists in Poland, her father said in Japan on Friday. Yurika Shima, who hails from Kobe and currently lives in Vienna, won the first prize for violinists aged under 13 at the 4th International Miroslaw Lawrynowicz Young Violinist Meeting, a four-day violin contest held from Monday in the city of Plock.