Braised Daikon Radish And Beef

Braised daikon radish and beefDaikon radish is now in season in Japan. Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association came up with a garlic-flavored dish made by braising it with beef. The sweetness and texture differs depending on the part of the radish used. The sweet yet hard part below the leaves is better eaten fresh or grated. The sweet and soft middle part is good stewed or in soups. The tangier tip may be grated to accompany grilled fish and other dishes. Munakata introduces another dish using the peel.

Daikon Sliced As Thin As Ice Recipe

Daikon sliced as thin as ice recipeCold weather makes daikon more tempting. But it is not easy to prepare root vegetables like radishes so that they fully absorb the flavor of the "dashi" broth.

"Slicing the daikon more thinly is a fail-safe way," says cooking expert Atsuko Matsumoto who suggests new ways to make traditional dishes.

She likens the cooked daikon slices to "usurai," thin ice that forms in early winter, and calls this simmered winter dish "usurai-ni."