Cabinet Revises Budget Bill After Data Problem

Cabinet revises budget bill after data problem

Japan's Cabinet has taken the unusual step of revising the country's budget bill for fiscal 2019. It's rare to revise a draft budget that's already been approved by the Cabinet. The move comes after some calculations were found to be based on incomplete labor statistics.

The budget now includes an additional 6 million dollars from the general account to go toward underpaid unemployment benefits and other work-related payouts.

Labor Minister Apologizes For Improper Data

Labor minister apologizes for improper data

Japan's labor minister has pledged to find out why his ministry kept releasing improper job statistics that apparently led to underpayment of benefits to millions of people.

At a news conference on Friday, Takumi Nemoto offered deep apologies for causing trouble to the public over the ministry's release of statistics compiled through improper methods for years. The data in question cover corporate salaries and working hours surveyed monthly.

Most Damper Makers Deny Data Tampering

Most damper makers deny data tampering

Most of the seismic damper makers doing business in Japan have told the infrastructure ministry that they haven't tampered with their products' quality control data.

The ministry said on Friday that 81 of the 86 makers deny wrongdoing related to results of pre-shipment inspections.

Survey Into Seismic Damper Data Tampering Hastened

Survey into seismic damper data tampering hastened

Japan's land and infrastructure ministry is urging makers of seismic dampers to report by Friday the results of in-house investigations into the quality of product data.

The ministry earlier told 88 domestic and international manufacturers to conduct an in-house probe and report by the end of the year. The ministry wants makers to investigate whether they have appropriately conducted quality inspections of their products before shipment. It was revealed earlier this month that Tokyo-based seismic damper maker KYB had falsified product data.

Another Firm Falsified Data On Seismic Dampers

Another firm falsified data on seismic dampers

Another Japanese manufacturer of seismic dampers has been found to have falsified data on its products.

Japan's land and infrastructure ministry says the possibly faulty dampers were made by Koyo Seiki and shipped by Kawakin Core-Tech. Both are subsidiaries of Kawakin Holdings Group.

Japan Calls On Facebook To Improve User Data Protection

Japan Calls On Facebook To Improve User Data Protection

Facebook’s multiple data lapses this year have affected millions of people across the globe and this hasn’t gone down well with Japan. The country’s government today called on the world’s largest social network to do more in order to protect the personal data of its users. It also wants Facebook to inform regulators of any future changes in security measures.

70 Buildings Named In Data Falsification Scandal

70 buildings named in data falsification scandal

A Japanese firm that has admitted to falsifying data for potentially substandard seismic dampers has identified 70 of the affected buildings.

The KYB group and its subsidiary earlier this week acknowledged that they had manipulated the test results for the earthquake shock absorbers over several years.

Test Data On Seismic Dampers Falsified

Test data on seismic dampers falsified

Two Japanese manufacturers of seismic dampers have been found to have tampered with the test results of their products. The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry has instructed the firms to replace the dampers immediately.

Tokyo-based KYB and its subsidiary, Kayaba System Machinery, manufactured and sold the defective dampers from March of 2000 through September of this year. The products did not meet the standards set by the government.

How To Find Data Usage On Android

How To Find Data Usage On Android

If you are like yours truly, then you most likely spend a lot of time online while being on the go. Whether it is checking email or watching YouTube videos on the sub, one’s monthly data consumption can take off without even realizing it, leading to a potential “bill shock”.

In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to find and manage your data usage on Android smartphones and tablets.

University Of Tokyo Keen To Thwart Erroneous Data

University of Tokyo keen to thwart erroneous data

A University of Tokyo institute will make base data available to the public online to prevent misconduct in research papers.

Last year, fabrications and other problems were found with graphs and images cited in 5 papers written by researchers at the university's then Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.

Mitsubishi Wants Your Driving Data In Exchange For Gifts

Mitsubishi Wants Your Driving Data In Exchange For Gifts

We're sure that everyone values their privacy, but some might value it more than others. So an interesting question is would you be willing to share your driving data in exchange for gifts? That's something that Mitsubishi wants to know as the company has recently launched a mobile app that lets drivers earn rewards by sharing driving data.

This driving data would be shared with insurance companies and for drivers that are willing to share this information, they will be given badges in which it can be exchanged for rewards. It also seems that obeying the rules of the road, such as staying within speed limits and avoiding sudden braking will be rewarded, where drivers could receive discounts on oil changes and also accessories. There would also be smaller gifts such free coffee and gift cards.

Nintendo Confirms Fortnite For The Switch In Update Data

Nintendo Confirms Fortnite For The Switch In Update Data

E3 2018 is coming up on us soon and it is expected that Nintendo has some news to share with us, one of which is that Fortnite Battle Royale will be coming onto the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has yet to officially confirm it but so far there is mounting evidence that the game will indeed be launched on the console.

Now the latest evidence comes from Nintendo themselves in which according to Fortnite update data loaded onto Nintendo's CDN, it all but confirms that the game will be coming onto the Switch. Of course an official announcement would be nice, but this comes pretty close we expect we should have all the details in a couple of weeks.

When Android Automotive Goes In The Dash, Google Wins — And Automakers Lose Data

When Android Automotive goes in the dash, Google wins — and automakers lose data

You've gotta hand it to Google for the way the Silicon Valley tech giant has made indelible inroads into the car on multiple fronts. The most obvious is with its pioneering self-driving car technology that's caused car companies to get their act together on autonomous vehicles — and also collaborate with Google.

Google has more directly extended its influence and data-mining capabilities into the car with its Android Auto smartphone-projection platform that most major automakers have adopted along with Apple's CarPlay. And now it's preparing to dig even deeper into dashboards by deploying its open-source operating system, Android Automotive, beginning with Audi and Volvo.