2021 Mazda3 Turbo Seemingly Confirmed Along With Reveal Date

2021 Mazda3 Turbo seemingly confirmed along with reveal date

Yes, you read that right, Mazda seems to have confirmed that a 2021 Mazda3 turbo is on the way. The company replied to multiple tweets asking about such a car, including one from yours truly, with a teaser video and the phrase "Power comes to those who wait."

Power comes to those who wait. https://t.co/J3VmsghyfV

Xperia 1 Ii (mark 2) Japanese Release Date Slips From April To 'late May'

Xperia 1 II (Mark 2) Japanese release date slips from April to 'late May'

Sony fans are eagerly awaiting the launch date for its latest flagship, the Xperia 1 II (Mark 2). Sony has been vague about the release date ever since it was announced – the official launch date is ‘late Spring'. We understand that a late May/early June has always been in the offing, which is why we were surprised when Japanese carrier NTT docomo flagged an April release date for Sony's flagship.

Nintendo Has Made $1 Billion In Revenue From Mobile To Date

Nintendo Has Made $1 Billion In Revenue From Mobile To Date

For the longest time ever, Nintendo resisted making the jump to mobile. The company had their own reasons, but it seemed to fly in defiance of the market and how more developers were starting to treat mobile as a serious gaming platform. The company has since made the shift and it looks like it has paid off.

According to the latest figures from Sensor Tower (which are no official, by the way), it seems that Nintendo’s decision to start developing mobile games has paid off in a huge way. The report claims that to date, the company has made a whopping $1 billion from games on both iOS and Android devices.

Sony Playstation 5 Release Date Confirmed

Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date Confirmed

So we’ve known for a while that Sony is working on their next-gen PlayStation console, so the question is when will the console be released? This is important as some gamers who have yet to hop on board the PS4 bandwagon might instead choose to hold out for the PS5 instead of buying the current-gen console.

The good news is that Sony has since confirmed that the PS5 console will be launched in time for Holiday 2020. There are no specific dates mentioned but given that they said the Holiday season of 2020, it means that it will probably be towards the end of the year. If you still want the PS4, we suppose this gives you at least a year before the PS5 is released.

The Witcher 3 For Nintendo Switch Street Date Broken

The Witcher 3 For Nintendo Switch Street Date Broken

According to the original poster who managed to pick up a copy at their local Walmart, “Got mine at a Wal-Mart in the PAC NW today. $49.94. Was stocked on the bottom of the display case with overstock. The rep seemed surprised to see it. The receipt simply shows the game as ‘NSW GAME’. I’m not sure if that’s how Walmart tracks titles in their system, but it seemed rather bland.”

So does this mean that you’ll be able to get your hands on the game at Walmart? Your mileage may vary as in this case, an employee might have accidentally put it up for sale when they weren’t supposed to. Other stores could be a bit more careful with their releases, so like we said, it will vary from store to store, but you could always try your luck.

2020 Toyota Avalon Trd First Drive Review | Grandpa's Got A Hot Date

2020 Toyota Avalon TRD First Drive Review | Grandpa's got a hot date

DALLAS, Tex. — How badly does Toyota want to remake its image as a purveyor of reliable but boring vehicles? Very badly indeed, it would appear. We've seen the fruits of the company's effort with the return of the Supra sports car, but we've also seen it in unexpected ways, perhaps none more so than the arrival of the 2020 Avalon TRD. With an average age in the mid-60s, the Avalon has the oldest owner body of any model in the Toyota lineup. Yet Toyota has sent its full-size sedan in for a TRD makeover, and the result is  curious but also endearing. Grandpa's got a brand-new bag. TRD (Toyota Racing Development) is the brand's tuner arm, and its ministrations to the Avalon largely mirror those of the only-slightly less-surprising Camry TRD, which debuted alongside its bigger brother. As with the Camry TRD, the chassis has received the bulk of the attention, with the aim of improving the big sedan's handling. Perhaps owing to its senior status (or status with seniors), the work is not quite as extensive here as it was with the Camry. But you'll notice it on the outside, where the Avalon TRD builds off the XSE trim level, adding a larger front splitter below the gloss-black mesh grille, lower body skirts in black with red striping, black window trim and outside mirrors, a rear diffuser, and a larger rear spoiler (although not the Camry TRD's rear wing). There are TRD-specific 19-inch wheels, also in black, and the brake calipers are painted red. Exterior colors are limited to red, black, silver, and pearl white. You'll notice it, too, on the inside, where the TRD's seats are upholstered in perforated SofTex (Toyota's manmade-leather material), with microsuede inserts, and feature red accents and "TRD" stitched into the headrests. There's more red stitching on the dash pad, the door armrests, the steering wheel, and the shift boot. The floor mats are edged in red, and the pedals get metal trim. As in the XSE, textured metal trim is used on place of wood on the dash and door panels, but there's grained hard plastic on the console that is somewhat disappointing. Functionally, there's nothing to criticize here, and the 9-inch infotainment screen that sits atop the center stack includes hard buttons to quickly jump between major functions. Unlike the Camry TRD, the Avalon gets a sunroof. From behind the wheel, you'll notice the TRD changes most off all on a tight autocross course. We drove a TRD back-to-back with a regular Avalon, and the difference between the two was marked. Wheeling the regular Avalon through the cones felt like piloting a Ford LTD in a 1970s cop show. Crank the wheel in the standard Avalon, and you wait, wait, wait for the car to come screeching around the corner, heeled over on its outside front tire. The Avalon TRD, by contrast, still feels like a big car, but it's a big car that responds. Turn-in is much more energetic, understeer is under control, and transitions are far tidier. Note that this comparison was against an Avalon Touring, with its adaptive dampers in Sport+ mode. The Avalon TRD, however, does without that technology. Instead, the Avalon TRD uses non-adaptive dampers with firmer tuning and internal rebound springs. The TRD sits 0.6 inch lower on stiffer springs, and its anti-roll bars are stiffer than those of the standard model. The TRD also adds Toyota's Active Cornering Assist, which can brake an inside wheel under power in curves to reduce understeer and tighten the car's line. Additionally, the front brake hardware has been beefed up with larger rotors and two-piston calipers. The Avalon also has more robust underbody braces (three of them) as on the Camry TRD, but it does not get that car's V-brace behind the rear seatback. Nor does it get the Camry TRD's stickier summer tires, instead retaining the all-season Michelin Primacy MXV4s used by the Avalon Touring model. The Avalon's TRD-specific 19" wheels are 4.5 pounds lighter, however. The TRD is powered by the same naturally aspirated V6 found in other Avalon models, and it is unchanged for TRD duty. Displacing 3.5 liters, it spins out 301 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque, distilled to the front wheels through a smooth-shifting and responsive 8-speed automatic with paddle shifters. In a sedan weighing well under 4,000 pounds, that's enough for robust acceleration, but not so much as to induce annoying torque steer. Even with a mashed accelerator, this Avalon goes where it's pointed. What is different with the powertrain here is the TRD-specific cat-back exhaust system. Although it doesn't alter the output totals, it does contribute to a satisfying, tearing-paper engine sound as the tach needle climbs past 4,000 rpm or so. The downside of the more free-flowing exhaust system is some droning resonance around 60 mph, but it's really not enough to disrupt the Avalon's still-placid highway demeanor. Nor is that demeanor totally upended by the firmer suspension. The Avalon TRD feels pleasantly tied down but not terribly harsh — at least that was the impression on the fairly smooth roads where we drove the Avalon in north Texas. Beat-up boulevards in the Northeast or Midwest might reveal something more. Priced at $43,255 (with destination), the TRD sits near the top of the 2020 Avalon lineup, just $200 below the Touring and $5,000 above the XSE. Toyota says production is limited to fewer than 2,600. That's not a huge number, but it should be enough to raise a few eyebrows and help raise the profile of this once-sleepy sedan.

Futenma Relocation Target Date 'impossible'

Futenma relocation target date 'impossible'

The Japanese government says it will be difficult to set a target date for the closure of US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in the city of Ginowan in southwestern Japan's Okinawa Prefecture.

Working-level talks over how to reduce Okinawa's burden of hosting US military bases were held at the Okinawa Prefectural government office in Naha on Wednesday. They were the first such discussions since July last year.

Sony Has Sold 100 Million Ps4 Consoles To Date

Sony Has Sold 100 Million PS4 Consoles To Date

It goes without saying that Sony’s PS4 console is one of the most popular consoles in the market today, and based on the latest figures, it looks like Sony has pretty much conquered this particular generation of consoles. This is because in the company’s latest earnings, they have revealed that they have sold a whopping 100 million PS4 consoles to date.

It has been reported that sales of the PS4 are actually slowing down, but in all honesty, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. This is because we are nearing the end of the current generation of consoles, where both Microsoft and Sony have actually confirmed that they do have next-gen consoles already in the works.

Hyde Announces New Release Date For 'zipang' + Asia Tour

HYDE announces new release date for 'ZIPANG' + Asia tour

HYDE will release his single "ZIPANG" on February 6. 

"ZIPANG" is a ballad that was written with the image of old Japan, and YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) participated in the recording as the pianist. As the coupling track, the single includes a cover of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World." This single was originally scheduled to be released on January 23, but was postponed due to circumstances in the production of the song. 

Pubg Ps4 Release Date And Price Confirmed

PUBG PS4 Release Date And Price Confirmed

It was reported recently that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG would finally be released for the PlayStation 4 in December. The report was completely accurate. Sony has confirmed the PUBG PS4 release date and price today. The wait will soon be over for those who have long been waiting for this title on the PlayStation 4.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released for the Xbox One last year. It’s available on PC as well while a mobile version is available for iOS and Android. The title was a timed exclusive for the Xbox which is why it didn’t launch for the PS4 last year. Microsoft has taken some steps recently to keep PUBG fans on its platform which were also an indication of the impending PS4 launch.

Huawei Confirms Emui 9 Android Pie Release Date

Huawei Confirms EMUI 9 Android Pie Release Date

Huawei today revealed when it will start rolling out the EMUI 9.0 update based on Android 9 Pie to compatible devices. It has been running a beta program for the update and has now confirmed when the next iteration of Android will be headed to the Mate 10 and P20 as well as other compatible devices.

Imaizumi Yui's Graduation Date From Keyakizaka46 Set

Imaizumi Yui's graduation date from Keyakizaka46 set

It's been announced that Imaizumi Yui will graduate from Keyakizaka46 after her solo handshake event on November 4 at Kyoto Pulse Plaza. 

Imaizumi announced her graduation from Keyakizaka46 back in August. On October 3, she released her first solo photo book 'Dare mo Shiranai Watashi,' and in an interview for the book, she commented on her graduation, "When I thought hard about my future, I honestly didn't know what I could do by graduating this year when I turn 20 years old, but made the decision as I wanted to challenge myself to new things.