Ana Debuts Double-decker Flights To Hawaii

ANA debuts double-decker flights to Hawaii

All Nippon Airways debuted flights of a double-decker Airbus A380 from Narita Airport north of Tokyo, bound for Hawaii on Friday.

The aircraft is one of the largest in the world, measuring 72 meters long and two stories high along its entire length. It has 520 seats -- more than double the average of planes used for flights to Hawaii.

Subaru Debuts Euro-spec Xv And Forester E-boxer Hybrids

Subaru debuts Euro-spec XV and Forester e-Boxer hybrids

The biggest story out of the Subaru camp in Geneva is the new Viziv Adrenaline concept, but two more pedestrian reveals have much higher impacts on immediate production. Subaru debuted the new e-Boxer hybrid powertrain in both the Forester and the XV, the first electrified Subarus for Europe.

The unveilings come after Subaru showed off the Forester STI e-Boxer concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which somewhat predicted what we'd see here. Unlike America's XV Crosstrek hybrid that uses a plug-in setup, these models are cordless. In fact, from the outside, the only real indication these are hybrid models are a couple tiny badges on the front quarter and the rear, as well as some trim-specific styling.

Ex-yokozuna Kisenosato Debuts As 'oyakata' Coach

Ex-yokozuna Kisenosato debuts as 'oyakata' coach

In Japanese professional sumo, former yokozuna grand champion Kisenosato has made a debut as "oyakata" coach and pledged to continue to make a contribution to the sport.

Kisenosato retired on January 16th after suffering consecutive losses on the first three days in the year's first 15-day competition.

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Debuts Before Chicago Auto Show

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition debuts before Chicago Auto Show

Special edition cars can be a bit lame sometimes, but we wouldn't consider the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition, honoring six decades of continuous Land Cruiser production and set to debut at the Chicago Auto Show, to be one of them. We'll complain about meaningless badging from time to time, but take a look at the vintage "Toyota Land Cruiser" badge behind the rear window. The "Toyota" font and scripted "Land Cruiser" are about as old-school-cool as it gets, folks. It makes us wish Toyota would stick that badge on every Land Cruiser.

Enough with the badge, though. This Heritage Edition Land Cruiser gets bronze 18-inch forged BBS wheels with a "Toyota" center cap — also pretty cool. Other off-roading treatments include a running-board delete and lower body side molding delete for better clearances. All the other changes are appearance-related, but it's a pretty comprehensive overhaul for the ages-old Land Cruiser.

Martial Arts/ Mighty Mouse, Alvarez Set For Japan Debuts

MARTIAL ARTS/ Mighty Mouse, Alvarez set for Japan debuts

LOS ANGELES--Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez will make their One Championship debuts at the mixed martial arts promotion's first show in Japan on March 31.

One Championship on Wednesday revealed several bout matchups to The Associated Press for its landmark event in Tokyo.