Jagged Wooden Roof Frames Museum Dedicated To Japan's Jomon Period

Jagged wooden roof frames museum dedicated to Japan's Jomon periodArchitecture studio Furuichi and Associates has completed a museum dedicated to Japan's Jōmon period, featuring a multi-faceted roofscape designed to evoke the inside of a cave.
Located in Fukushima Prefecture, the Miyahata Jōmon Museum is built over the ruins of a structure from the prehistoric era, which roughly covers the period between 12,000 and 3,000 BC.

Nintendo Nx Is Next Step In Dedicated Device Strategy

Nintendo NX Is Next Step in Dedicated Device StrategyThe Nintendo NX remains a mystery despite the fact that many rumors are saying that it will be launched officially in 2016, but the company claims that it represents a continuation of its current dedicated device strategy.

Magazine Dedicated To 'dark Tourism' Hits Bookstores

Magazine dedicated to 'dark tourism' hits bookstoresThe first issue of a travel magazine dedicated to sites associated with negative legacies like war and natural disasters hit bookstores this summer.
While most tourist sites in Japan tend to focus on the bright and admirable aspects of their history or circumstances, the new travel magazine, Dark Tourism Japan, published by Million Publishing, encourages readers to enrich themselves through visits to places with dark pasts.

Scythe Tatsumi Available As Dedicated Version For Amd And Intel Sockets

Scythe Tatsumi available as dedicated version for AMD and Intel socketsJapanese cooling expert Scythe ads two new versions of Tatsumi CPU cooler to its portfolio. The most significant difference to the original version of the Tatsumi is that the “Type A” version comes only with the mounting clips for AMD based sockets and “Type I” with clips for Intel sockets. Mounting process for the sockets LGA775, 1150, 1155, 1156 and 1366 is now as simple as it gets thanks to the use of Push-Pins mounting clips. Both new versions of the Tatsumi offer great cooling performance for latest AMD™ and Intel™ processors at an affordable price.

Panasonic : Giant Red Lantern Dedicated To Senso-ji Temple's Kaminarimon Gate

Panasonic : Giant Red Lantern Dedicated to Senso-ji Temple's Kaminarimon GateIf visitors visited one of the famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo, the Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo just two months ago, they may have been surprised to see the symbolic giant lantern missing. Removed in mid-September for a 'makeover,' the replacement of the giant lantern for Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) of Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, which is gifted by Panasonic over 50 years ago, was completed and the lantern dedication and hanging ceremony was held on November 18, 2013.

Nagasaki Survivor Yamaguchi, 82, Dedicated Life To Eradicating Nuclear Weapons

Nagasaki survivor Yamaguchi, 82, dedicated life to eradicating nuclear weaponsWhen Mother Teresa (1910-1997) visited Nagasaki in 1982, she stared intently at a photo panel in a museum. The old black and white image that captured her attention was of a man who had burns all over his body, having survived the 1945 Nagasaki atomic bombing. Thirty-seven years later, that same man, Senji Yamaguchi, stood next to Mother Teresa, serving as her guide in the museum. Mother Teresa told Yamaguchi that God kept him alive so he could continue his venerable mission.

Sony Reader Store Launches Dedicated Kids Corner

Sony Reader Store Launches Dedicated Kids CornerToday Reader™ Store from Sony announced the addition of Kids Corner, a dedicated shopping section that willoffer illustrated and enhanced children's content. Kids Corner supportsEPUB3.0 content, a new industry standard file format, allowing customers toenjoy embedded media and interactivity within the book itself when viewed oncompatible Android tablets and smartphones.