Japan Defense Paper: Covid-19 May Spur Power Race

Japan defense paper: COVID-19 may spur power race

Japan's defense white paper warns that the coronavirus pandemic may expose competition among countries seeking to expand their influence.

The annual report was presented at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. It says China has been making "propaganda efforts" amid growing social uncertainty and confusion caused by the spread of infections.

Japan To Withdraw Land-based Missile Defense Plan

Japan to withdraw land-based missile defense plan

Japan's government plans to hold a National Security Council meeting this week and withdraw the plan to deploy a land-based missile defense system called Aegis Ashore.

The government announced the suspension of the deployment plan last week.

Kono: Changes In Defense Guidelines Are Possible

Kono: Changes in defense guidelines are possible

Japan's defense minister says changes in the country's defense guidelines are possible, following the government's decision to suspend a plan to deploy the land-based Aegis Ashore missile defense system.

Kono Taro said at a news conference on Friday that the government's decision to halt the plan will influence the country's national security strategy.

Defense Min. Begins Survey To Move Us Drills

Defense Min. begins survey to move US drills

The Defense Ministry has launched an environmental survey on an island in southwestern Japan where it plans to relocate US military exercises.

About 20 people, including ministry officials, arrived at Mageshima island in Nishinoomote city, Kagoshima prefecture, on Tuesday morning. The ministry says they will first study the island's wildlife and vegetation.

Japan To Hold Meeting With Island Defense Chiefs

Japan to hold meeting with island defense chiefs

Japan's defense minister has decided to hold a meeting with defense chiefs from Pacific island nations in connection with China's growing maritime presence in the region.

The ministry is to invite officials, including the defense ministers of Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Tonga, to the conference in Tokyo in April. Invitations are expected to extend to representatives of the United States, Australia, and France.

Lawyers In Ghosn's Defense Team Resign

Lawyers in Ghosn's defense team resign

At least two lawyers have resigned from the defense team of former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn.

One of the lawyers, Junichiro Hironaka, told reporters that he had resigned on Thursday.

Us To Discuss Overall Defense Sharing With Japan

US to discuss overall defense sharing with Japan

A senior US State Department official says the US government plans to discuss with Japan how to share overall defense responsibilities, in addition to the cost of keeping US troops in the country.

The current five-year agreement on the cost of stationing US forces in Japan will expire in March 2021. President Donald Trump's administration has asked Japan to significantly increase its share of the burden.

Govt. Plans Record Defense Budget For Fy2020

Govt. plans record defense budget for FY2020

Japan is set to increase its defense budget for the eighth consecutive year to a record 5.3 trillion yen, or about 48.6 billion dollars.

The Cabinet on Friday approved the government's budget plan for the fiscal year that begins next April.

Japan-us Drill Focuses On New Defense Areas

Japan-US drill focuses on new defense areas

The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force and the US Army have begun a joint drill aimed at boosting cooperation in cyberspace and other new areas of defense.

The annual exercise is dubbed "Yama Sakura." It started on Monday at several locations in Japan, with about 6,600 personnel taking part.

Japan's First Major Defense Fair Underway

Japan's first major defense fair underway

A major defense equipment trade fair is currently underway in Japan for the first time. It covers a wide range of fields including land, sea, air to space and cyberspace.

About 60 Japanese companies and 90 overseas firms are taking part in the three-day event, which opened in Chiba City near Tokyo on Monday.

Japan, S.korea Defense Ministers Meet

Japan, S.Korea defense ministers meet

The defense ministers of Japan and South Korea are meeting in Thailand, as an intelligence-sharing pact between the two countries is due to expire next Saturday.

It is the first time since Taro Kono assumed his post that he is sitting down with Jeong Kyeong-doo. The two are in Bangkok for a meeting for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and its dialogue partners.

Google's App Defense Alliance Wants To Stop Bad Android Apps From Reaching Your Phone

Google's App Defense Alliance Wants To Stop Bad Android Apps From Reaching Your Phone

While the Google Play Store has systems in place to try and prevent malware and bad apps from getting listed and downloaded by users, unfortunately, it’s not the perfect system and from time to time, we do come across reports that bad apps find their way into the Play Store where it ends up being downloaded by users.

In a bid to prevent that from happening, or at least reducing the chances of that happening, Google has formed a partnership with various security companies, such as ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium, where they have come together to create the App Defense Alliance. According to Google, this alliance’s goal is to stop bad apps in their tracks before they reach the devices of users.

Japan's Defense Minister Directs Rescuers

Japan's Defense Minister directs rescuers

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has instructed department officials to do their utmost in rescue operations that are underway in the aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis.

He says the first 72 hours that follow a disaster are crucial when it comes to saving lives.