Another Error Found In Missile Defense Study

Another error found in missile defense study

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has apologized for another mistake found in a study for the deployment of a US-made Aegis Ashore missile defense system.

Iwaya told reporters on Tuesday that the inaccuracy was discovered in a survey of the environmental effects of the radio waves from the system's powerful radars.

Defense Chief Not Sending Sdf To Gulf Of Oman

Defense chief not sending SDF to Gulf of Oman

Japan's Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya says there's no need to dispatch Self-Defense Force personnel in response to the tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman.

One of two tankers attacked last week near the Strait of Hormuz is operated by a Japanese shipping firm.

Defense Chief To Persuade Akita To Accept Aegis

Defense chief to persuade Akita to accept Aegis

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya says he plans to visit Akita Prefecture to seek the local community's consent for the deployment of a missile defense system.

Akita Governor Norihisa Satake suggested on Monday that there are difficulties in talks with the government over the planned deployment after local opposition increased over a series of incidents.

Defense Ministry Apologizes For Faulty Aegis Data

Defense Ministry apologizes for faulty Aegis data

The Defense Ministry is continuing its efforts to gain the understanding of the people of Akita City in northeastern Japan on its plan to deploy a land-based missile interceptor system known as Aegis Ashore.

The ministry is seeking to deploy the US-made system at the Ground Self-Defense Force's Araya Training Area.

Defense Ministry: F35a Had 2 Emergency Landings

Defense Ministry: F35A had 2 emergency landings

Japan's Defense Ministry says an F35A fighter jet that crashed into the sea off northern Japan on Tuesday had made two emergency landings in the last two years.

State Minister of Defense Kenji Harada was speaking at a Lower House committee meeting on Thursday.

Japan Defense Ministry: F35a Crash World's First

Japan Defense Ministry: F35A crash world's first

Japan's Defense Ministry says Tuesday's crash of an F35A fighter jet marks the first ever confirmed crash of this type of aircraft.

An F35B aircraft of the US Marine Corps crashed in South Carolina during training last September. The aircraft can take off and land vertically.

Expert: F35a Incident Poses Air Defense Challenge

Expert: F35A incident poses air defense challenge

An expert says the disappearance of a F35A fighter jet off northeastern Japan poses a serious challenge to the country's air defense.

The Air Self-Defense Force command lost radar contact with the aircraft on Tuesday evening over the Pacific, while the pilot was on a training mission.

Abe Speaks At National Defense Academy

Abe speaks at National Defense Academy

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has spoken of his determination to maintain Japan's superiority in the areas of cyber and space defense.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of the National Defense Academy on Sunday, Abe said the security environment surrounding Japan has become increasingly difficult and uncertain.

Japan's Defense Minister Rebuffs S.korea's Claim

Japan's defense minister rebuffs S.Korea's claim

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has stressed that aircraft of Japan's Self-Defense Forces have, at all times, been conducting patrolling activities appropriately, in accordance with international and domestic law.

Talking to reporters on Thursday, Iwaya said that SDF patrol planes would have no intention or reason to be a threat to South Korean navy ships in any way.

Defense Ministry: Plane Kept Proper Altitude

Defense Ministry: Plane kept proper altitude

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force says the patrol plane in question is a P3C from Kanoya Air Base in Kagoshima Prefecture.

It says the aircraft flew at an altitude of more than 150 meters and carried out surveillance in a proper manner.

Defense Ministry: No Report Of Irregularity

Defense Ministry: No report of irregularity

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force says there has been no report that the patrol plane in question made an irregular flight, and that a flight at an altitude as low as South Korea claims is unthinkable.

The Defense Ministry says the area near Ieodo in the East China Sea is within Japan's Air Defense Identification Zone, so MSDF planes regularly patrol the area.

Defense Ministry To Partially Redesign Henoko Plan

Defense Ministry to partially redesign Henoko plan

Japan's Defense Ministry says it will partially change its reclamation plan for a US military air base in Okinawa Prefecture, citing the possibility the ground may be too soft.

Japan's government plans to relocate the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Ginowan City to the Henoko district of Nago City within the prefecture.

Defense Ministry To End Talks On Radar Incident

Defense Ministry to end talks on radar incident

Japan's Defense Ministry plans to end discussions with South Korea over a radar incident due to apparent concern that bilateral relations could worsen further if this issue drags on.

On Monday, the ministry issued its final statement on the December 20th incident, along with an audio file it says was recorded when a South Korean naval vessel directed its fire-control radar at a Japanese patrol plane. Seoul denies the claim.