Defense Ministry Eyes Record Budget For Fy2019

Defense ministry eyes record budget for FY2019

Japan's Defense Ministry plans to request a record-high budget for next fiscal year to shore up the country's defense capabilities against missile attacks and other threats.

Ministry officials told NHK that the ministry will seek about 5.29 trillion yen, or around 48 billion dollars, for the year starting April 2019.

Japan, Sri Lanka Agree On Defense Cooperation

Japan, Sri Lanka agree on defense cooperation

Top defense officials of Japan and Sri Lanka have confirmed that a Sri Lankan port leased to China should be open to all countries to ensure freedom of navigation.

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera met Sri Lankan State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene in Colombo on Tuesday. Onodera is the first Japanese defense minister to visit Sri Lanka.

Defense Ministry: 8 People Found Near Wreckage

Defense Ministry: 8 people found near wreckage

Japan's Defense Ministry says Air Self-Defense Force personnel have found 8 people near the parts of what may be the missing helicopter.

The condition of the 8 people remains unknown.

Ministry Withdrawing Missile Defense Units

Ministry withdrawing missile defense units

Japan's Defense Ministry has begun withdrawing PAC-3 interceptor missile units deployed at several sites across the country.

The ministry deployed the units last year in western and northern Japan in response to the growing threat from North Korea. The surface-to-air missile system was also installed at the Defense Ministry in central Tokyo.

Defense Ministry Withdrew Pac3 Units

Defense Ministry withdrew PAC3 units

Japan's Defense Ministry has finished withdrawing missile interceptor units deployed around the country.

Defense officials say they believe North Korea is less likely to fire ballistic missiles after last month's summit between the North and the United States.

Aegis Defense System 70% More Costly Than Planned

Aegis defense system 70% more costly than planned

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera says the Aegis Ashore land-based missile defense system will be nearly 70 percent more expensive than initially estimated.

Onodera told reporters on Monday that the government has selected the radar Lockheed Martin SSR for the missile interception system.

Pac3 Missile Defense Units To Be Withdrawn

PAC3 missile defense units to be withdrawn

Japan's Defense Ministry is considering withdrawing missile interceptor units from the country's northern and western regions as early as Monday amid an easing of tensions with North Korea.

The ministry deployed PAC3 interceptor missile units to 4 prefectures in western Japan after North Korea said in August it would fire ballistic missiles toward waters off the US Pacific territory of Guam.

Govt. Puts Off Missile Defense System Field Survey

Govt. puts off missile defense system field survey

Japan's Defense Ministry has decided to postpone a procedure to deploy a new missile defense system due to opposition from candidate host communities.

The ministry hopes to install one Aegis Ashore unit each in Self-Defense Force grounds in the western city of Hagi and the northern city of Akita.

Japan, Us, S.korea Defense Chiefs Discuss N.korea

Japan, US, S.Korea defense chiefs discuss N.Korea

The defense chiefs of Japan, the United States and South Korea have confirmed their countries will cooperate closely to support the summit between the US and North Korea.

Itsunori Onodera, Jim Mattis and Song Young-moo met on Sunday in Singapore on the sidelines of the Asia Security Summit, also known as the Shangri-La Dialogue.

Senior Defense Ministry Official Visits Akita

Senior Defense Ministry official visits Akita

A senior Defense Ministry official says Akita Prefecture in northern Japan is one of the best locations for the planned deployment of a ground-based ballistic missile defense system.

The ministry plans to install 2 Aegis Ashore units to guard against possible missile attacks from North Korea. The candidate sites are the Self-Defense Force grounds in Akita City and Hagi City in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Defense Minister: No Cover-up Of Missing Log Issue

Defense Minister: No cover-up of missing log issue

Japan's Defense Minister has made the remark that the failure by officials to report in their discovery of activity logs during the Self-Defense Forces' mission in Iraq was due to a lack of awareness rather than a systemic cover-up.

The ministry released a report on Wednesday on why the existence of logs of the Ground Self-Defense Force mission that helped rebuild the war-torn country were not reported to then Defense Minister Tomomi Inada last year.

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