"diaper Sushi" Proving Popular As Baby Gift In Japan

An offbeat baby shower gift evoking one of Japan's most famous culinary exports has become a popular seller since hitting the market.

Combining white nappies as "rice" and pink bibs as "shrimp" topping, "diaper sushi" are attracting non-stop orders for seller Wire Mama, a childcare information magazine publisher in the western Japan city of Tokushima.

Smart Diaper Generates Power From Urine

Smart Diaper Generates Power From UrineRitsumeikan University prototyped a "wireless involuntary urination sensor system," which notifies the user of the timing of replacing a paper diaper via wireless communication without using a battery.
The university expects that it will be used at nursing facilities that care patients of urinary incontinence. It demonstrated the system for mass media.