Suzuki Jimny Displays Samurai Spirit In Japanese Snowstorm

Suzuki Jimny displays Samurai spirit in Japanese snowstormSay what you will about its smallest SUVs, but you have to hand it to Suzuki: the likes of the Samurai, Sidekick and Vitara were doing the little-sport-ute-that-could thing long before most of the rest of the industry caught on. And the formula remains relevant enough that Suzuki is still selling the same basic Samurai overseas as the Jimny.

Fuji Xerox Launches A Service To Manage Color Consistency Among Colors On Displays And Printouts

Fuji Xerox Launches a Service to Manage Color Consistency Among Colors on Displays and PrintoutsTargeting the product design section of the manufacturing industry, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch RGB Workflow Color Management Service that realizes a consistent color reproduction among various devicesNote 1 using its newly developed Total Color Management Technology—Fuji Xerox's proprietary color correction technologyNote 2 that manages colors displayed on PC monitors, large displays, projectors and of printouts. The service will be available starting March 5, 2014.

Video : Flexibile, High Definition Caac-os Displays From Sel

VIDEO : Flexibile, high definition CAAC-OS displays from SELSEL have developed a range of flexible OLED displays and high PPI LCD panels which use CAAC oxide semiconductors.
"CAAC stands for C-Axis Aligned Crystal. In this material's structure, the crystals are aligned in the c-axis direction. Because CAAC itself is crystalline instead of amorphous, it has much higher reliability. Until now, with oxide semiconductors, reliability was generally thought to be a problem, but using this material solves that problem."

Panasonic : What Hotels Should Consider When Installing Outdoor Displays

Panasonic : What Hotels Should Consider When Installing Outdoor DisplaysThe appeal of outdoor displays for hotels, casinos and other resorts is a tempting one. Outdoor displays, whether at an outdoor bar, installed near a Jacuzzi or another public space or in a private cabana, offer guests an additional feeling of luxury and convenience, both of which contribute to their overall experience on the property. Additionally, hoteliers can communicate to guests about upcoming events/shows, ads for restaurants, shops as well as local excursions. In a data driven world, outdoor digital signage provides another method to reach guests in a modern and effective way.

Update : Sony Unveils New Oled Head-mounted Displays

IFA 2013 Berlin : Sony Entertainment to go with HMZ-T3 Head Mounted DisplaySony Corp announced its new head-mounted displays (HMDs) equipped with an OLED panel.

For the HMDs, "HMZ-T3W" and "HMZ-T3," Sony added the "Battery Unit," which contains a rechargeable battery. The unit can be connected to devices such as smartphones and tablet computers via an HDMI cable, etc. As a result, the HMDs can be used to, for example, watch video on YouTube and TV programs recorded by a Blu-ray Disc recorder.