Panasonic Displays Its Energy Solutions For Europe At Intersolar 2012

Panasonic Displays its Energy Solutions for Europe at Intersolar 2012From June 13th to 15th, Panasonic participated in Intersolar Europe 2012, the largest solar exhibition in the world, presenting its solutions for energy creation and storage for Europe.

Held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany, the exhibition is a major event in the energy calendar, bringing companies from all over the world together and displaying the latest solar and energy related products, technologies and services. This year saw approximately 2,000 companies and about 66,000 visitors participating in the event.

Sharp New Igzo Crystal Structure For High Density Lcd And Oled Displays

Sharp new IGZO crystal structure for high density LCD and OLED displaysSharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory have discovered a new IGZO crystal structure, called CAAC, and announced a new semiconductor technology that utilizes it.

By contrast to current IGZO, this technology enables TFTs to be made even more compact and high-performance, helping to achieve displays with higher resolution and lower power consumption.

Sharp Develop New Oxide Semiconductor Technology That Will Revolutionize Displays

Sharp Develop New Oxide Semiconductor Technology That Will Revolutionize DisplaysSharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory have jointly developed a new oxide semiconductor (IGZO) technology with high crystallinity. This material will enable even higher resolutions, lower power consumption, and higher performance touch screens, as well as narrower bezel widths for LCD display panels used in mobile devices such as smartphones. Details of this new development will be presented at the 2012 SID Display Week Symposium to be held in Boston, USA, on June 5 as part of the annual international conference of the Society for Information Display.

Organic Tft For Use In Foldable Displays Of The Future

Organic TFT For Use In Foldable Displays Of The FutureA group at Osaka University, led by Professor Takeya, have successfully developed a high-speed organic TFT-driven display with world-class performance.

This achievement makes it possible to combine high-speed display performance with easy film fabrication, which has been an issue with organic TFT displays so far. It's hoped that this will lead to the early development of high-performance, flexible displays.