Docomo Shows 5g In Japan Ahead Of 2020 Commercial Launch

Docomo Shows 5G In Japan Ahead of 2020 Commercial Launch

At Inter Bee 2018 (Tokyo/Japan), Docomo has installed a 5G demo truck with a huge screen inside to demonstrate the power of 5G live streaming video.

The Truck is driving across Japan as part of Docomo’s 5G awareness campaign and has a live 5G base station at the top. The truck we went into didn’t use a live connection, perhaps because the trade show location doesn’t have 5G coverage yet. To reproduce the normal experience, Docomo used pre-recorded videos from previous sessions.

Docomo Achieves 12-channel Mmt Transmission Of 8k Video Using 5g Mobile Technology

DOCOMO Achieves 12-Channel MMT Transmission of 8K Video using 5G Mobile Technology - Fareastgizmos
NTT Docomo announced today that it succeeded in 12-channel MMT (MPEG Media Transport) transmissions of 8K video (the next generation of ultra-high definition video) using fifth-generation (5G) mobile technology during a test conducted at its Yokosuka R&D center in collaboration with Sharp. Docomo provided the 5G wireless system and video content while Sharp provided the ultra-high definition video transmission/display environment using 8K decoders and 8K displays. Japan Broadcasters Association supported 8K video encoding and MMT encoding.

Docomo Initiates Multi-party 5g Trial For Connected Cars

DOCOMO Initiates Multi-Party 5G Trial for Connected Cars - FareastgizmosNTT Docomo announced today that in a trial of 5G technologies for automobiles, which it conducted jointly with Toyota, Ericsson and Intel, it achieved data speeds of up to 1 Gbps for 4K-resolution video communications with a vehicle traveling at 30 km/h. This initial multi-party trial conducted along Tokyo’s Odaiba waterfront on November 2 involved a moving vehicle mounted with an Intel GOTM 5G Automotive Platform terminal and equipped with a compact on-board antenna head designed for connected car trials.

Ntt Docomo And Sony To Trial 5g-enabled Hi-tech Vehicle

NTT Docomo and Sony to Trial 5G-Enabled Hi-Tech Vehicle - FareastgizmosNTT Docomo has agreed with Sony to conduct a joint trial involving the real-time transmission of high-definition video via a fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications system to a 4K digital signage system fitted to the outside of the Sony'sNew Concept Cart. Sony Concept Cart is an experimental high-tech vehicle and Sony plans to commercialize it in 2020. The trial will be conducted at the 5G Trial Site in Tokyo, which DOCOMO built to assess 5G technologies and potential commercial services that it is developing with partners.

Leveraging 5G’s advanced capabilities, including ultra-high speed, ultra-large capacity, low latency and massive connectivity, the test will evaluate the speed and quality of high-definition video transmitted via a 5G system to the vehicle’s high-definition 4K digital sign. The New Concept Cart will be showcased at DOCOMO’s research and development exhibition Mietekita Chotto Saki no Mirai (A Peek into the Near Future) at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Odaiba, Tokyo from November 9 to November 11.

Docomo Conducts World's First Successful Outdoor Trial Of 5g Technologies

DOCOMO Conducts World's First Successful Outdoor Trial of 5G Technologies for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications - FareastgizmosNTT Docomo today conducted the world’s first successful outdoor trial of fifth-generation (5G) mobile technologies for ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) using a 4.5 GHz system developed in collaboration with Huawei. The trial simulated a realistic environment involving a stationary mobile terminal that received signals at distances of 0.8 to 1 km from the base station.

During the trial, Docomo achieved an over-the-air latency of less than one millisecond together with a packet transmission success rate of more than 99.999%. The ultra-reliable low-latency communications were also achieved at distances of approximately 0.3 km to 0.6 km from the base station, when the mobile terminal was moving at approximately 25 km/h. These successful results bring Docomo one step closer to realizing a much-awaited commercial 5G communications network for mobile devices, which the company hopes to launch in 2020.

Ntt Docomo Develops Flying Spherical Display Using Drone

NTT Docomo Develops Flying Spherical Display Using Drone

NTT Docomo Inc announced April 17, 2017, that it has developed "Floating Sphere Drone Display," a drone that is equipped with a surrounding spherical display and flies while displaying video on the display.

It can be used for dynamic performances at concert halls and live shows and as an advertising medium (like an advertising balloon) that flies around and displays advertisements.

Docomo’s Move Band 3 Health Band

Docomo’s Move Band 3 health bandJapan’s Docomo has brought some good news to the world of health and wellness with the Move Band 3, wearable health and fitness-tracking band. While most health bands achieve the features that the Move Band 3 ticks off its list, this is one comprehensive device that functions multiple functions effectively.

Docomo World's First Trial To Achieve 20gbps 5g Outdoor

DOCOMO World's first trial to achieve 20Gbps 5G OutdoorNTT DOCOMO, INC. and Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) announced today that in a joint 5G technologies trial, the companies achieved a cumulative 20Gbps of data throughput in an outdoor environment using the 15GHz frequency band with two simultaneously connected mobile devices of a downlink bit rate of over 10Gbps each, on February 21. The data speed satisfies one of the key requirements for future 5G commercial services.