Liberty Walk Does A… Toyota Prius? Well, Why Not?

Liberty Walk Does A… Toyota Prius? Well, Why Not?

The popularity of the Toyota Prius is undisputable, and with so many units sold all over the world, it's no surprise that some owners want to personalize them. And if a very flashy look is on their bucket list, then Liberty Walk is the tuner to go to.

Does Huawei's Android Ban Give Sony Xperia A Fighting Chance?

Does Huawei's Android ban give Sony Xperia a fighting chance?

Some shocking news emerged over the weekend that is likely to have huge ramifications for the Android market. Reuters reported that as of last week, Huawei has been added to the ‘Entity List’ which means that US companies will no longer be able to conduct business with Huawei, without explicit approval from the US government first.

Rihwa Does The Irish Dance In Pv For 'my Life Is Beautiful'

Rihwa does the Irish dance in PV for 'MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL'

Rihwa has revealed the PV for her new song "MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ~1 Pint no Yuuki~."

This track was released together with "Sun Comes Up" as a double A-side single on September 26. Directed by Inaba Ukyo, the PV incorporates Irish elements that the song possesses. Rihwa delved into the video shoot after receiving a lecture from a river dancer and challenged herself to Irish dance. The PV also stars Tabo Koichi, who produced the song. 

Kis-my-ft2 Does The 'kisstep' In Pv For 'kimi, Boku.'

Kis-My-Ft2 does the 'kisstep' in PV for 'Kimi, Boku.'

Kis-My-Ft2 have revealed the short PV for their new song "Kimi, Boku."

"Kimi, Boku." will be released as the group's new single on October 3. The PV was created with Santorini, Greece in mind. You can see the members doing a shuffle dance called 'kisstep' while sporting a white costume. The full PV and making-of footage will be included in the single's Limited Edition A DVD.