Nissan Finally Approves 370z Successor — Or Does It?

Nissan finally approves 370Z successor — or does it?

Autocar cites "senior officials from Nissan" for confirmation that a next-generation Z-car is on the way. The UK mag says the two-door has the internal codename Z35, will get coupe and convertible versions, and will arrive in time for the 240Z's 50th anniversary in 2019, in concept form at very least. Problem is, after reading through everything, we can't tell if this is merely another mutation of the same body of rumors that has been treading water for at least three years now.

Autocar said that according to its intel, Nissan would show a concept version of the coming Z at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show, a production version debuting at the LA Auto Show in 2019, retail sales to begin in 2020. But there's no Tokyo show this year; the biennial motor show won't return until 2019. So now we're left to wonder what, if anything, is coming, and when? And those are the same questions we've had for years.

New Red Phosphor For White Led Does Not Cause Color Drift

New Red Phosphor for White LED Does Not Cause Color Drift

Koito Manufacturing Co Ltd, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Nagoya University jointly developed a new material for accurately adjusting the color of white LED.

The material is a red phosphor for white LEDs and called "Fluorine Oxygen Ligand Phosphor (FOLP:Eu2+)."

Does Toyota Need Another Cheap Sports Car?

Does Toyota Need Another Cheap Sports Car?

By Toyota’s own admission, it no longer wants to be associated with building boring cars and its current design language is a reflection of that.

However, the firm’s range continues to be predominantly made up of vehicles that sell in high numbers and are a reflection of what regular consumers demand, not what car enthusiasts desire. The all-new Supra is set to play a role in solving this issue but is there anything else Toyota could do? Perhaps launch a new sports car even smaller than the 86?

Ea To Bring More Games Onto The Switch If Fifa 18 Does Well

EA To Bring More Games Onto The Switch If FIFA 18 Does Well

The Nintendo Switch has a fair number of games at the moment, and so far it seems like Nintendo has managed to land themselves some pretty decent titles as well, but of course having big publishers and developers create game for the Switch is always a welcome prospect, and that could soon be the case with EA.

In a recent interview with EDGE, EA"s executive vice president Patrick Soderlund suggested that the publisher could be thinking of bringing more games from EA's catalogue onto the Switch, although it seems that this will largely hinge on how well FIFA 18 does on the platform, which is expected to be released towards the end of next month.

Mystery Nürburgring Sedan Identified, What Does It Mean For The Next-gen Lexus Gs?

Mystery Nürburgring Sedan Identified, What Does it Mean for the Next-Gen Lexus GS?

The mystery sedan spotted on the Nürburgring last week has been identified by Best Car as the next-generation Toyota Crown, a Japan-only rear wheel drive sedan that shares a platform with the Lexus GS:

The new Toyota Crown is expected to be on a rear-wheel drive TGNA platform modified from the Lexus LC & Lexus LS, which begs the question — if Toyota is building a mid-size sedan exclusively for Japan, wouldn't it make sense to share development costs with a next-generation GS? Could the rumors of the GS's demise be premature?

Xperia Xz Premium Does Not Feature Tap To Wake (yet)

Xperia XZ Premium does not feature tap to wake (yet)For some odd reason, the current software builds of the Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZs do not feature either double tap to wake/sleep functionality. We're not sure why Sony would remove this functionality on its flagship devices, but we're hoping this is a temporary issue that Sony will fix in an upcoming update.

Does Sony Xperia X Ultra = Xperia C6 Ultra?

Does Sony Xperia X Ultra = Xperia C6 Ultra? We know that Sony Mobile is planning to launch a new Xperia handset with front-facing flash. The device is said to sport a 6-inch 1080p display and hands-on pics were spotted last month. Then, more recently, benchmarks point to the device being powered by a MediaTek Helio P10 MT6755 chipset, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage with a 21MP rear camera and 16MP front-facing camera.

Kawasaki : Rea Does The Double As Sykes Takes Second Place 2016

Kawasaki : Rea Does The Double As Sykes Takes Second Place 2016The second 21-lap Assen race provided a double win for Jonathan Rea (KRT), with his team-mate Tom Sykes second this time out, as both riders continue to find success on the new model Ninja ZX-10R. The Sunday race was started in wet conditions but rapidly dried out, meaning all the riders pitted to change tyres at some stage.

Ces 2016 : Panasonic Does City Now Solutions

CES 2016 : Panasonic Does City NOW SolutionsPanasonic wants the whole world to end up smarter than ever before, and in order to do this, they have capitalized on the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to make sure that whatever devices that can be connected online, should be connected.

Does To Provide The Opening Theme For Anime 'gintama' Again

DOES to provide the opening theme for anime 'Gintama' againDOES' new song "KNOW KNOW KNOW" has been chosen as the new opening theme for anime "Gintama".
DOES have previously provided their songs "Shura", "Donten" and "Bakuchi Dancer" for the "Gintama" series. Ujihara Wataru (Vo, G) commented, "I am looking forward to how this song, which was created with the theme that 'right now is the best time,' will fit with the anime."

Figure Skating : Asada Does Well Enough To Lift Title In Beijing

Asada does well enough to lift title in BeijingMao Asada was a bit shakier in her free skate than she was the previous day in the short program. Still, she did well enough to win the women’s title Saturday at the Cup of China in Beijing.
Asada, returning to major competition after taking a year-long hiatus, combined with teenaged compatriot Rika Hongo to give Japan a 1-2 finish in the third event of the ISU Grand Prix series.