News To Sing The Opening Theme For Drama 'yotsuba Ginko'

NEWS to sing the opening theme for drama 'Yotsuba Ginko'

NEWS' new song "Top Gun" will be used as the opening theme for TV Tokyo's new drama 'Yotsuba Ginko Harashima Hiromi ga Monomosu: Kono Hito ni Kakeru' to premiere on January 21. 

'Yotsuba Ginko' is based on a manga by Shu Ryoka and Yumeno Kazuko that was serialized in 'Morning' from 1993 to 1997. Maki Yoko plays 'Harashima Hiromi,' a bank worker who helps to restore branches with her bold ideas and actions. 

Saito Kazuyoshi To Sing The Theme Song For Kitagawa Keiko's Starring Drama

Saito Kazuyoshi to sing the theme song for Kitagawa Keiko's starring drama

Saito Kazuyoshi's new song "Are" has been picked up as the theme song for NTV's new drama 'Ie Uru Onna no Gyakushu' starring Kitagawa Keiko. 

This drama is the sequel to 'Ie Uru Onna', which aired back in 2016. It will depict real estate agent Sangenya Machi's latest activities. Saito wrote "Are" just for the drama. He commented, "I thought the drama was both comedic and serious, so I wanted to create a song like that."