Alfonsino Fish Confit With Veggie Bouquet A Dream Come True

Alfonsino fish confit with veggie bouquet a dream come true

The fish cooked slowly in low-temperature oil is served on the plate like a spring bouquet with vegetables that vary in aroma and texture.

"Confit of splendid alfonsino with seasonal vegetables" is a dish that mirrors the spirit of Tadashi Michino, whose career spans 40 years. The 64-year-old is the chef of Michino Le Tourbillon, a French restaurant in Osaka.

Dream Ami Pens Theme Song For 'movie Osomatsu-san'

Dream Ami pens theme song for 'Movie Osomatsu-san'

Dream Ami's new song "Good Goodbye" has been picked up as the theme song for 'Movie Osomatsu-san' to open in theaters on March 15. 

'Movie Osomatsu-san' is a brand new film in the anime 'Osomatsu-san' series based on a manga by Akatsuka Fujio. Ami penned "Good Goodbye" just for the movie, and it's described as a medium-tempo ballad that fits the movie's worldview. She commented, "It's such an honor to sing the theme song for 'Movie Osomatsu-san.' I felt that I had to write a song that would satisfy 'Osomatsu-san' fans of all ages and gender."

Check Out The Pv For Dream Ami's Song 'wonderland'

Check out the PV for Dream Ami's song 'Wonderland'

The PV for Dream Ami's new song "Wonderland" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Wonderland" is the theme song for the movie 'Ozland Egao no Mahou Oshiemasu.' starring Haru and Nishijima Hideyoshi. It's also the CM song for 'Rejob,' an online job listing for the fields of health and beauty. 

Dream Ami To Sing The Theme Song For Movie 'ozland'

Dream Ami to sing the theme song for movie 'Ozland'

It's been announced that Dream Ami will sing the theme song for movie 'Ozland Egao no Mahou Oshiemasu.' starring Haru and Nishijima Hideyoshi. 

Set at an amusement park, the movie tells a story about the growth of the protagonist and her boss while being surrounded by their quirky co-workers. This is Ami's third time being in charge of a theme song for a movie. She will sing the song "Wonderland" which she wrote herself. 

Dream Ami To Release Single Perfect For The Spring Season

Dream Ami to release single perfect for the spring season

Dream Ami will release her new single "Amaharu" on April 18. 

"Amaharu" is described as a bittersweet medium-tempo number that's perfect for the spring season. It will be used in the CM for Bourbon's 'Oishii Coconut Milk', which stars Dream Ami. The DVD will contain the PV for "Amaharu" as well as footage from the Tokyo performance from her first nationwide tour. More details will be revealed at a later date.

This '71 Datsun 240z Has Become The New Dream Tuner Car

This ’71 Datsun 240Z Has Become The New Dream Tuner Car

The Nissan Skyline, especially in the U.S., has always been the definitive tuner car to lust after.

The Skyline R34 GT-R, like this incredible VSpec II Nür, and the Toyota Supra trade punches for being the go-to tuner vehicles for American enthusiasts. Blame “2 Fast 2 Furious” or the vehicles’ rarity. But there’s another car that’s finally getting the credit it deserves for being a bona fide tuner car – the Datsun 240Z.

Acura Nsx Scienceofspeed Dream Project Brings Another Wing To Sema

Acura NSX ScienceofSpeed Dream Project brings another wing to SEMA

Acura rolled into SEMA last year with its non-hybrid NSX GT3 race car, that FIA spec-series competitor pulled to Vegas on a trailer behind a GT3-themed Acura MDX. Sticking with the GT3 theme this year but going road-legal, Acura worked with Arizona-based ScienceofSpeed on a GT3 package that NSX owners can put in driveways. The result is the lower, more powerful, more wing-y NSX "Dream Project."

Liquid-cooled injecting for the twin-turbo boosts output, adding 37 horsepower for a total of 610, and another 31 pound-feet of torque to register 507. A lightweight steel exhaust sheds 16 pounds and bestows those magnified numbers with magnified bass. A custom suspension drops the coupe by a little more than an inch, a custom iLIFT suspension add-on automatically raises the front axle two inches if the NSX detects a hurdle.