Shibuya Bans Drinking On Street For Halloween

Shibuya bans drinking on street for Halloween

Tokyo's Shibuya Ward has passed a bill to ban drinking alcohol in streets, parks and open spaces near Shibuya station during Halloween and other major events. The ordinance will go into effect on Thursday.

The ban is to be imposed only on special days, including the weekend before Halloween, Halloween itself and the day after, as well as New Year's Eve.

Shibuya Mayor Proposes Drinking Ban For Halloween

Shibuya Mayor proposes drinking ban for Halloween

The mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward has told a news conference that he will introduce a bill to ban drinking on the streets and parks near Shibuya station during Halloween and other major events.

Shibuya is a magnet for young people. But some of them caused trouble on the weekend just before Halloween last year. Drunk youths overturned a parked vehicle and started fights.

Shibuya To Ban Public Drinking At Halloween

Shibuya to ban public drinking at Halloween

Tokyo's Shibuya Ward plans to introduce a ban on drinking alcohol outdoors at certain times of the year such as Halloween and New Year's Eve.

A panel was set up after a series of incidents in the shopping and entertainment district near Shibuya Station.
In its interim report, the panel asked the ward to enact an ordinance to stipulate rules and regulations for people who visit Shibuya.

Tough New Pilot Drinking Rules

Tough new pilot drinking rules

Japan's transport ministry is working on new regulations governing how much airline pilots are allowed to drink before reporting for work.

It's proposing stricter limits than those that already apply to car drivers. The move follows a series of alcohol-related problems involving commercial pilots.

Airlines Submit Reports On Pilots' Drinking

Airlines submit reports on pilots' drinking

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways submitted reports to the transport ministry on Friday about the recent alcohol-related incidents involving their pilots.

A Japan Airlines copilot was arrested by London police last month for exceeding the legal limit for alcohol under the UK's Aviation Law.

News' Members Koyama Keiichiro And Kato Shigeaki In Trouble For Drinking With A Minor

NEWS' members Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki in trouble for drinking with a minor

The other day, some tabloid magazines reported that NEWS members Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki were drinking with a minor. As a result, Koyama's activities have been suspended temporarily, and Kato has been given a stern warning. 

On June 7, Koyama explained the situation on NTV's 'news every.' in which he serves as a newscaster. "She told me that she was twenty years old, so I had no idea she was a minor," he said. "Consequently, I participated in a drinking party with a minor and said things that enticed her to drink. I needn't say this, but this behavior is inappropriate as a newscaster on a news program. I am terribly sorry." He continued, "As such, I will be taking a break from 'news every.' for the time being. During this time, my activities have been suspended, and I will use this time to take another good look at myself."

Snacks For Better Drinking, By Manga Artist Roswell Hosoki

Snacks for better drinking, by manga artist Roswell Hosoki

Roswell Hosoki enjoys a tasty snack to enhance his drinking sessions, just like Sotatsu Iwama, the 30-something office worker character he created for his long-running manga series "Sake no Hosomochi" (The narrow road of drinking).

Each episode in the series, which is carried in the manga magazine Shukan Manga Goraku (Weekly manga goraku) published by Nihon Bungeisha Co., features a scene where the characters enjoy a drink. The short manga series has also been published in book form, reaching 40 volumes to date since its debut in 1994.

Toyota Tada Talks Bmw, Dogs And Drinking Beer…

2013 Geneva Motor Show : Toyota FT-86 Open ConceptTetsuya Tada, the chief engineer for GT86 talks about the FT-86 Open convertible concept unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, working with BMW, dogs and drinking beer…

There’s no doubt that the Toyota GT86 is a special car, but as we recently reported, without major backing from on high within Toyota, it might never have happened.