Day-care Centers, Schools Close Rapidly Due To Flu Epidemic

Day-care centers, schools close rapidly due to flu epidemic

Close to 11 times as many day-care centers and schools around Japan closed all or part of their classes last week compared with the previous week, due to a spreading influenza epidemic.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on Jan. 25 released its weekly statistics on the number of influenza cases reported at the 5,000 medical facilities around the nation used in its survey.

Subaru Says Japan Car Output Halted Due To Defective Part

Subaru says Japan car output halted due to defective part

TOKYO — Subaru Corp said its sole car factory in Japan accounting for roughly 60 percent of global production had halted output a week ago after it discovered a defect in a component procured from a supplier. The Asahi newspaper first reported the suspension on Wednesday, saying the defect was found in the power steering component. Subaru, which exports the majority of its domestically made cars, said it was still in the process of identifying where the defect was, and could not say when production would resume.

Japan Hilton Rejects Cuban Diplomats Due To Us Law

Japan Hilton rejects Cuban diplomats due to US law

A Hilton hotel in Japan owned by the US Hilton group refused to accommodate the Cuban ambassador to the country and his aide last month on grounds they are officials from a country under US sanctions.

According to the Cuban Embassy and the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernandez and another embassy official booked a one-night stay for October 2nd at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel in Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Actress Enami Kyoko Passes Away Due To Emphysema

Actress Enami Kyoko passes away due to emphysema

It's been reported that actress Enami Kyoko has passed away due to acute exacerbation of emphysema. She was 76 years old. 

On November 2, Alpha Agency announced, "Enami Kyoko passed away on October 27th (Saturday) at 9:06 pm. On the 26th (Friday), she complained of feeling ill (worsening of breathing problems) and was immediately hospitalized at 2:00 pm. However, she was unable to recover and took her last breath the following night on the 27th (Saturday)."

Seven Injured In Okinawa Due To Strong Winds

Seven injured in Okinawa due to strong winds

Officials in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa say 7 people have been injured due to wind gusts caused by Typhoon Trami.

A man in his 30s suffered serious cuts to a leg when a window shattered at his home on Saturday. The injury is not life-threatening.

Kansai Airport May Close Due To Typhoon

Kansai Airport may close due to typhoon

The operator of Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, is considering temporarily closing 2 runways as early as Sunday morning due to the approaching Typhoon Trami.

A typhoon in early September caused extensive damage and flooding at the airport. The operator says it plans to pile up sandbags to prevent flooding this time.

Hogs Culled Due To Swine Fever

Hogs culled due to swine fever

Officials in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan, have finished culling hogs at a pig farm, after confirming the country's first outbreak of swine fever in 26 years.

The officials completed the procedure on Monday morning. Last week, about 80 hogs were found dead at the farm in the prefecture's capital city.

Kansai Airport Closed Due To Typhoon

Kansai Airport closed due to typhoon

Flooding caused by Typhoon Jebi has forced the closure of Kansai International Airport in western Japan. Many people are stranded there.

Strong winds blew an 89-meter-long tanker into a bridge connecting the airport and Izumi-sano City shortly after 1:30 PM on Tuesday. None of its 11 crewmembers were injured.

Actor Tsugawa Masahiko Passes Away Due To Heart Failure

Actor Tsugawa Masahiko passes away due to heart failure

It's been reported that actor Tsugawa Masahiko (real name Kato Masahiko) has passed away on August 4 due to heart failure. He was 78 years old. His funeral was already held with close family and friends, but a public memorial service is scheduled to be held in the coming days. 

Since making his acting debut in 1956's 'Kurutta Kajitsu,' Tsugawa has starred in numerous movies, dramas, and plays. He comes from family of talent - his grandfather is director Makino Shozo, father, actor Sawamura Kunitaro, mother, actress Makino Tomoko, and elder brother, actor Nagato Hiroyuki. In 1973, he married actress Asaoka Yukiji. 

Matsui Jurina Not Participating In Akb48's 53rd Single Due To Poor Health

Matsui Jurina not participating in AKB48's 53rd single due to poor health

Despite taking the top spot in the '10th AKB48 World General Election,' Matsui Jurina will not be participating in the group's 53rd single "Sentimental Train" (September 19 release) due to her poor health. 

The announcement was made on King Records' official website on August 3. Since the senbatsu members for this single were chosen by the fans, they said it was a "very difficult decision." Instead of postponing the single's release, they decided to go on as scheduled as there are "many fans waiting for this single."