Xperia Ear Duo Gets New Firmware With Dynamic Normalizer

Xperia Ear Duo gets new firmware with dynamic normalizer

Sony Mobile has updated the firmware of the Xperia Ear Duo, moving it to v2.0.0. The main new feature is the introduction of a dynamic normalizer function, which increases the volume of an audio source with a low volume, to match it with other audio sources. There is now also a caller name read-out function, as well as a current time read-out.

Youtube's Dynamic Video Player Makes Its Way Onto Android

YouTube's Dynamic Video Player Makes Its Way Onto Android

Over the years we've seen Android handset makers experiment with a variety of screen sizes and screen resolutions, resulting in a bunch of different display aspect ratios. However the good news for those who spend a lot of time on YouTube is that it the platform's dynamic video player feature is now available on Android.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, it debuted on iOS devices first where the player could automatically adjust itself to content in different aspect ratios. This means that regardless of how the video was captured or your device's display size, the dynamic video player means that YouTube will try and cut out as much of the black bars as possible to give users a full screen experience.

Facelifted Honda Jazz Adds 128hp Dynamic Version Because, Why Not

Facelifted Honda Jazz Adds 128hp Dynamic Version Because, Why Not

The Urban EV Concept might have been the star of Honda’s stand but the Japanese car maker also had some more stuff to show, including the facelifted Jazz.

Honda performed the usual updates to the exterior and interior of the new Jazz and also added the 128hp 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine to the European range for the first time.

Canon 6d Mark Ii Dynamic Range Falls Behind Modern Aps-c Cameras

Canon 6D Mark II dynamic range falls behind modern APS-C cameras

We've reported in recent years how Canon's newer sensor designs have started to close the dynamic range gap, compared with chips from the likes of Sony and Toshiba. Dynamic range isn't everything, of course: Canon's Dual Pixel sensors have brought advances in live view and video autofocus that for many people will be every bit as significant as the noticeable shortfall in Raw file malleability. But it was promising to see Canon getting competitive in an area where it had fallen behind.

Sadly though, it seems the benefits that appeared in the sensors used in the EOS 80D and EOS 5D IV have not been applied to the latest EOS 6D II, and the new camera has less dynamic range than we've become used to. Graphs plotted by regular DPR collaborator Bill Claff illustrate this pretty clearly. In this article, we're taking a look at what this might mean for your images.

Sony A9: More Speed, Less Dynamic Range

Sony a9: more speed, less dynamic range

The Sony a9 is a powerhouse of technology, particularly when it comes to speed and autofocus. But does its image quality stack up? We've taken an initial look at Raw and JPEG image quality and have come away impressed, but how does the a9 stack up in terms of dynamic range?

At the recent launch in New York City, I had a chance to shoot our standard ISO-invariance test but on a real-world scene (our studio scene isn't so portable...). Have a look at the performance below.

Honda Reveals 2017 Civic Si Coupe And Sedan In Dynamic Global Debut Video

Honda Reveals 2017 Civic Si Coupe and Sedan in Dynamic Global Debut VideoThe all-new Honda Civic Si Coupe and Civic Si Sedan appeared today in a worldwide uncover video communicate on Honda's YouTube channel at The energizing and element video includes the a la mode, individual two-entryway car and smooth, obliging four-entryway vehicle - both lively Si variations are intended for the ordinary aficionado. The new Civic Si Sedan and Coupe will go on special one month from now with a MSRP in the mid-$20,000 range.

Canon Develops 'global Shutter'-based Cmos Sensor With Wide Dynamic Range

Canon Develops 'Global Shutter'-based CMOS Sensor With Wide Dynamic RangeCanon Inc developed a CMOS image sensor that supports the "global shutter (GS)" technology and has a dynamic range of 111dB and announced it at ISSCC 2017 (lecture number: 4.5).
The size, pixel count, pixel pitch and power consumption of the sensor are 2/3 inches, 2,592 x 2,054, 3.4μm and 450mW, respectively. In a demonstration after the lecture, the company used the sensor to take a picture of an electric fan whose blades are turning.

The Lexus Lc: A Dynamic Luxury Coupe In Every Aspect

The Lexus LC: A Dynamic Luxury Coupe In Every AspectThe introduction of the new LC luxury coupe is a new, significant illustration of Lexus' dedication to create cars with exciting, emotional designs and exhilarating performance.
In the space of just 27 years Lexus has had a transformative effect on the world's luxury car market.

Tamron Develops Image Sensor With 140db Dynamic Range

Tamron Develops Image Sensor With 140dB Dynamic RangeTamron Co Ltd developed an image sensor technology to take clear color images in an environment with an illuminance of 0.003lx.
Its dynamic range (sensitivity) is 140dB. It enables to take a picture in the dark even when an image sensor is irradiated with light from headlamps in an environment darker than starlight, the company said.

Sony Adds New High Dynamic Range And High Frame Rate Technologies

Sony Adds New High Dynamic Range and High Frame Rate TechnologiesTwo new Sony technologies allow professionals to seamlessly incorporate high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rate (HFR) content into a 4K live sports production workflow.
The HDRC-4000 HDR production converter unit is designed for use in simultaneous live 4K HDR and HD SDR content production workflows, eliminating the need for independent workflows on the same event and saving a production time and money.