Earlier Start For Tokyo Olympic Marathon

Earlier start for Tokyo Olympic marathon

Tokyo Olympic officials are likely to move the starting time of the Olympic marathon to around 6 in the morning to avoid the expected severe heat during the day.

The organizers had decided to start the marathon at 7 AM. They were calling for daylight savings time to be introduced for the 2020 summer when the Games will be held.

Google Could Make Android Q's Preview Available Much Earlier To Users

Google Could Make Android Q's Preview Available Much Earlier To Users

The next major build for Android will be Android Q and it is largely expected that the update should be released in 2019. Also given that Google tends to release previews ahead of the release, we expect that this should remain the same as well. However it now seems that Android Q’s preview could potentially be released much earlier.

This was teased during the recent Android Dev Summit where according to Hung-ying Tyan from Google’s Project Treble team, he gave a talk about Generic System Images which is basically Android in its purest form based on AOSP code that allows for the testing of Android compatibility.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Ps4 Content Will Launch Only 7 Days Earlier

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4 Content Will Launch Only 7 Days Earlier

While we’re seeing more support for cross-play in recent times, console exclusives are still a thing, such is the case with Activision and Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. However the good news is that if you’re not a PS4 gamer, the wait will be considerably shorter this time round.

Students To Learn English Earlier, Japan’s Position On Isle Disputes

Students to learn English earlier, Japan’s position on isle disputesUnder new education guidelines, students will start English-language classes at an earlier age and be taught that disputed islands around the nation are “integral parts of Japan,” the education ministry said.
The draft guidelines, released on Feb. 14, will be fully implemented at elementary schools from the 2020 academic year and at junior high schools the following year.

New Guidelines Call For Earlier English Learning

New guidelines call for earlier English learningChildren in Japan are expected to start learning English in their 3rd year of elementary school, instead of the current 5th grade, in 3 years.
The Education Ministry released new curriculum guidelines on Tuesday. They are to apply to elementary schools in 2020 and junior high schools in 2021.

Fujifilm X-t2 Rumored To Ship Earlier Than Expected

Fujifilm X-T2 Rumored To Ship Earlier Than ExpectedThe Fujifilm X-T2 was officially announced back in July, much to the delight of many a photographer as its successor, the X-T1, was a highly-lauded (and some say underrated) mirrorless camera. According to Fujifilm’s announcement then, they stated that the X-T2 would begin shipping to customers in September.

Police To Record Suspects Earlier Under New Npa Guidelines

Police to record suspects earlier under new NPA guidelinesThe National Police Agency (NPA) announced July 25 that police will begin filming and recording suspects from the moment they enter interrogation rooms under a trial program in progress at police headquarters across Japan, as there has been an increasing number of people refusing to be recorded.