Max To Release A New Album In Early Summer

MAX to release a new album in early summer

MAX will release a new album, titled "NEW EDITION II ~MAXIMUM HITS~,"  in early summer. 

This announcement was made on February 11 during the group's concert 'MAX LIVE CONTACT 2019 ~HIT THE SPOT~' at Shinagawa Intercity Hall. After the main show, video clips of their hit songs including "TORA TORA TORA," "Give me A Shake," and "GET MY LOVE!" played on the screen, then the album's announcement appeared in big letters. MAX then took the stage again for an encore and performed "Dracula," which is one of the songs that will be included in their upcoming album.

Soviet Union Intended 2 Islands' Handover Early

Soviet Union intended 2 islands' handover early

Documents obtained by NHK show that the leadership of the Soviet Union was prepared to offer the handover of two of the four islands claimed by Japan as its biggest concession before negotiations on normalizing diplomatic ties in the 1950s.

Documents dated June 2, 1955, shortly before the start of the talks, say that the Soviet Union could open to negotiations on the handover of Habomai and Shikotan. But it involved the condition that foreign military bases would not be placed on the islands.

Leaked Early Android Q Build Hints At Desktop Mode

Leaked Early Android Q Build Hints At Desktop Mode

Recently the folks at XDA managed to get their hands on what is apparently an internal build of Android Q, and based on their findings, it seems that one of the features is that it might finally bring system-wide dark mode to Android. However another feature that they discovered is that Android Q could also introduce a desktop mode for Android.

This is based on the discovery of a new Developer Option called “force desktop mode”. Unfortunately details about this mode is scarce but its description reads, “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays”. However based on its name, XDA has speculated that it could be similar to what Samsung attempted with its DeX device, or EMUI’s Easy Projection-type feature.

Japan Seeks Early Defense Talks With S.korea

Japan seeks early defense talks with S.Korea

Japan's defense minister wants to accelerate arrangements for talks between Japanese and South Korean defense officials over last month's radar lock-on incident.

Takeshi Iwaya has again suggested presenting radio wave records to officials in Seoul to prove that a South Korean destroyer directed its fire-control radar at a Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol plane in the Sea of Japan.

Android Pie Update For The Lg G7 Will Arrive In Early 2019

Android Pie Update For The LG G7 Will Arrive In Early 2019

lg g7The LG G7 was released earlier this year, although unlike some other 2018 smartphones, it has yet to receive its Android 9.0 Pie update. However the good news is that LG G7 owners might not have to wait much longer because according to LG Korea (via GSMArena), it seems that the handset is set to receive its Android Pie update in the first quarter of 2019.

There were no specific dates mentioned, which means that it could be anywhere between January to March, plus we imagine that it could probably end up being pushed out region by region, and might be further delayed if you bought it from a carrier which will require additional carrier approval before the update is released, but either way it is scheduled for early next year so there’s that timeframe we can look forward to.

Okinawa Governor Planning Referendum In Early 2019

Okinawa governor planning referendum in early 2019

Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki is planning to hold a referendum early next year on a plan to relocate a US air base within the prefecture.

The prefecture announced an ordinance on October 31st calling for a referendum on reclaiming the coastal area of Henoko in Nago city to relocate the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station. It said the vote will be held within 6 months, or by the end of April.

Dean Fujioka To Release New Album In Early Spring

DEAN FUJIOKA to release new album in early spring

DEAN FUJIOKA will release a new album titled "History In The Making" in early spring. 

This announcement was made on November 3 at his fan club event. DEAN's last album "Cycle" was release about three years ago in March of 2016. He commented, "Musically, I tried many things, failed, and grew. Each song in the album is filled with many feelings. I will continue to grow! I wanted to create a future with everyone, so I gave it this title." More details on the album will be announced later. 

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark Iii Could Be Launched Early 2019

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Could Be Launched Early 2019

While there is a lot of focus on mirrorless cameras these days, there is still very much a thriving market for compacts. There are plenty of uses for compacts, such as by professionals who want a pocketable backup camera. It can also be used by those who want a camera but don’t want to be burdened by additional expenses like buying lenses, and it could also appeal to those who just want a camera that isn’t their phone.

Meteorological Agency Urges Early Evacuation

Meteorological Agency urges early evacuation

Japan's Meteorological Agency is urging residents in the typhoon's path to evacuate before nightfall.

The chief forecaster, Ryuta Kurora, said in a news conference before noon on Thursday that Typhoon Cimaron is expected to approach western Japan and make landfall in the evening, with its strength intact.