Astronaut Onishi Comes Back Down To Earth After 4 Months In Orbit

Astronaut Onishi comes back down to Earth after 4 months in orbitJapanese astronaut Takuya Onishi landed safely back on Earth aboard the Russian space capsule Soyuz after a “fun” and “fulfilling” nearly four-month stint in the International Space Station.
Onishi, 40, landed in a steppe in central Kazakhstan on Oct. 30 at 9:58 a.m. local time (0:58 p.m. JST, Oct. 30) along with two other astronauts from Russia and the United States.

Honda's New Hybrid Will Cut Use Of Rare-earth Metals

Honda's new hybrid will cut use of rare-earth metalsHonda will start selling a hybrid vehicle later this year that will reduce the use of rare-earth metals in the hybrid-electric motor's magnets. The Japanese automaker worked with Japanese metal supplier Daido Steel Co. to develop a process that eliminates the use of rare-earth elements such as terbium or dysprosium.

Nec: Landslide Predicted Only From Moisture Level In Earth, Sand

NEC: Landslide Predicted Only From Moisture Level in Earth, SandNEC Corp released a system that visualizes the risk of the collapse of a slope consisting of earth and sand in real time based on the amount of moisture contained in the earth and sand.
The system, "Landslide Disaster Sign Detection System," is expected to help municipalities promptly decide to issue an evacuation advisory/order for locals.

Mars At Closest Point To Earth Since 2005

Mars at closest point to Earth since 2005Mars made its closest approach to Earth in more than a decade on May 31st, Japan Time.
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan said Mars came within 75 million kilometers of the Earth on Tuesday.
The observatory says even people living in cities can see the red planet with the naked eye for about a week if the weather is good.

Astronaut Yui's Return To Earth Nov 2015

Astronaut Yui's return to Earth Nov 2015Japan's space agency says astronaut Kimiya Yui will return to Earth next month after nearly 5 months at the International Space Station.
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, said on Tuesday that Yui will make his return journey on board the Russian spacecraft Soyuz. He is scheduled to land in Kazakhstan, central Asia, on December 11th.