People Eating Out Again, But Landscape Changed

People eating out again, but landscape changed

Restaurants in Japan are seeing their revenue tick up again, two months after the government lifted a declaration of emergency over the coronavirus. But one new survey has found that customer traffic is still only about half the level seen this time last year.

Tokyo-based IT firm Toreta compiled data from about 5,800 restaurants across Japan. The company makes systems for taking reservations and managing customer information.

Ordinance On Eating While Walking In Kamakura

Ordinance on eating while walking in Kamakura

Kamakura, a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture south of Tokyo, is calling on tourists to refrain from eating while walking in crowded places in the city.

More than 20 million tourists visit Kamakura every year.

Green, Clean Eating With Veg Steamed In Garlic And Olive Oil

Green, clean eating with veg steamed in garlic and olive oil

"Food stylist" Midori Takahashi specializes in maximizing the potential of dishes through choices of plates, place mats and more to effectively enhance them and the perception of the cook responsible for them.

After studying pottery in a two-year college, Takahashi, 60, worked at an illustrator's office before striking out on her own. Her skill for highlighting depictions of cooked dishes earned her a reputation, and she decided to follow her chosen career.

Eating Out / Thai Restaurant Touts Use Of Homegrown Organic Ingredients

Eating out / Thai restaurant touts use of homegrown organic ingredients

By Tomoo Furuta / Japan News Staff WriterMATSUDO, Chiba — When you enter the Ruwhan Thai restaurant, the exotic interior design immediately catches your attention, followed by the Thai pop music that fills the air.

Owner Kenichi Hashimoto, who opened the restaurant in 2012, was proud of the fact that he uses homegrown organic vegetables to make dishes.

Japan Hails Eel-eating Day To Get Relief From Summer Heat

Japan hails eel-eating day to get relief from  summer heat

Many Japanese people treated themselves to grilled eels on the eel-eating day on Tuesday, likely with a softer impact on their wallets as eels are more reasonably priced than last year.

The domestic catch of juvenile eels rose early this year for the first time in three seasons, leading to a fall in the price of glass eels for cultivation.

Aquarium Prevails In Progressive Reproducing Of Whale-bone Eating Zombie Worm

Aquarium prevails in progressive rearing of whale-bone eating zombie worm

FUJISAWA, Kanagawa - An aquarium here has prevailing in progressive rearing of an uncommon remote ocean tube worm, frequently called the "zombie worm," which gets by on the bones of dead whales tumbled to the ocean bottom.

The specific zombie worms that are in plain view at Enoshima Aquarium were initially found in the ocean at a profundity of 225 meters - off the shoreline of Cape Noma in Kagoshima Prefecture by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology in 2012. Enoshima Aquarium has been rearing the life form with assistance from the office on location since 2016 and has discovered approaches to effectively complete progressive reproducing of the zombie worm in joint research with the office. As indicated by the aquarium, the living being is "an critical living animal in helping us to comprehend the development of life."

Braised Cabbage, The Simple Side Dish That Makes For Repeat Eating

Braised cabbage, the simple side dish that makes for repeat eatingAt the ripe age of 91, Yoshiko Tatsumi is active as a cooking specialist, still putting to good use the training she received from her mother, Hamako Tatsumi, the cooking expert.
Tatsumi is also a social activist with a focus on food. To promote self-sufficiency through food, she launched the “Planting of 100 soybean seeds movement,” where children grow and harvest soybeans.

Fish-eating Monkeys Catching Eye Of Tourists

 Fish-eating monkeys catching eye of touristsMore than half a century ago, wild monkeys living on southwestern Japan's Kojima Island drew attention for their habit of washing their food -- sweet potato at the time -- before eating it. Now they are under the spotlight for eating fish.

Ex-hot Dog Eating Champ Kobayashi Wins Chicken Wing Eating Contest

Ex-hot dog eating champ Kobayashi wins chicken wing eating contestTakeru Kobayashi, the Japanese former hot dog eating champion, won an annual chicken wing eating contest in Philadelphia on Friday, downing a record 337 wings in 30 minutes.   At the Wing Bowl 20, the 33-year-old smashed the previous record of 255 wings set last year by Jonathan Squibb and received a cash prize of $20,000, according to the electronic edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper.