2021 Toyota Venza Vs Honda Passport, Chevy Blazer, Ford Edge

2021 Toyota Venza vs Honda Passport, Chevy Blazer, Ford Edge

The revived 2021 Toyota Venza is merely the latest in a steady flow of newcomers to the growing midsize crossover segment. Toyota's entry into this crowded — but somewhat narrowly defined — midsize two-row class comes out of left field, for better or worse.

It may seem like we're slicing this segment a bit thin, but identifying size classes in the crossover space can be nigh impossible, as manufacturers don't seem to agree at all on how large (or small) these things really ought to be.

Scientists Find Tiny Body At Solar System's Edge

Scientists find tiny body at Solar System's edge

Japanese astronomers say they have spotted a small celestial body at the far edge of the Solar System.

Scientists from the National Astronomical Observatory, Kyoto University and others say the body is 2.6 kilometers in diameter.

City Workers Take Path Of Ninja To Get Edge As Tourism Draw

City workers take path of ninja to get edge as tourism draw

KOKA, Shiga Prefecture--Fourteen municipal government employees descended upon a ninja experience facility here to learn to throw "shuriken" star-shaped daggers, as well as climb castle walls.

The special trip in mid-December, led by Kaoru Kurata, the mayor of Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, was part of the Ikeda Koka ninja group project, which was launched seven months ago at the initiative of the Ikeda municipal government to turn the city into a ninja hub.

Microsoft Edge Gets Built-in Ad Blocker On Ios And Android

Microsoft Edge Gets Built-In Ad Blocker On iOS And Android

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Edge browser for iOS and Android that’s going to appeal to those who don’t like seeing a lot of ads when they surf the internet. The company has revealed that it’s building Adblock Plus into its Edge browser which means that this popular ad-blocking extension will now be part and parcel of Edge for iOS and Android.

Microsoft has directly integrated Adblock Plus into Edge and it’s currently testing this integration with the beta version of Edge for Android. It’s also available for iOS users through the iOS test program. Microsoft will release the native ad-blocking experience to all users in the near future.

Latest Microsoft Edge Beta For Android Features Adblock Plus Integration

Latest Microsoft Edge Beta For Android Features AdBlock Plus Integration

While Microsoft Edge is a huge improvement over Internet Explorer in terms of speed and features, unfortunately it still has yet to fully catch on. However Microsoft might be giving users a good reason to make the switch, at least as far as mobile is concerned thanks to an update to the Android beta.

In the latest beta of Microsoft Edge on Android, it seems that Microsoft has included Adblock Plus integration into the browser. What does this mean? As the name already implies, integrating Adblock Plus means that users can expect that ads they come across while browsing the web will be blocked, at least those that haven't been whitelisted.

Microsoft Edge Released For Ipad And Android Tablets

Microsoft Edge Released For iPad And Android Tablets

It was revealed not too long ago that Microsoft’s Edge browser would soon be released for the iPad and Android tablets. The company released a preview of Edge for iPad earlier this month. The brief beta testing period is now over as Microsoft has rolled out the latest updates for the Edge app on iOS and Android which brings full support for tablets on the platforms.

Microsoft released its Edge browser for iOS and Android in 2017. It brought over familiar features such as Reading View, New Tab Page, Reading List, and more. With support for Roaming Passwords across PC and mobile devices, users could easily pick up browsing where they left off regardless of the device they were using.

Video Shows Galaxy S7 Edge Running Android Oreo

Video Shows Galaxy S7 Edge Running Android Oreo

Samsung finally released the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ earlier today. While it’s only being rolled out to those who participated in the beta program and that too in Europe for now, it appears that at least one fortunate Galaxy S7 Edge owner has received the Oreo in Vietnam. They’ve even made a video about it to show the Galaxy S7 Edge running Android Oreo.

It goes without saying that the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge will eventually receive an official update to Oreo. Both devices are eligible for one more major Android platform update and that’s Oreo.

Cutting Edge Ram Speed Will Be Twice As Fast

Next-Gen RAM Speed Will Be Twice As Fast

No one at any point longed for their PC to be slower. There’s dependably a consistent drive to get more execution out of the segments that power our machines and the RAM is one of the parts that extremely essential to the whole experience. JEDEC, the association entrusted with setting measures for the business, has affirmed that it’s taking a shot at outline determinations for the cutting edge DDR RAM and that it’s going to be twice as quick as the present era RAM.

In hypothesis, the DDR5 RAM ought to offer twofold the bandwidth and thickness of DDR4 RAM. It will likewise be speedier and more power productive because of enhanced channel proficiency. In the event that history is any sign, the DDR5 RAM will advance toward top of the line PCs and journals first so gamers can take full preferred standpoint of the additional execution that it provides.

Sword Fans To Run To Nara To See Sharp Edge Of Date Masamune

Sword fans to run to Nara to see cutting edge of Date Masamune

NARA- - History buffs and freshly discovered fanatics of times long past alike are sliding on Yakushiji sanctuary here for a display of hundreds of years old Japanese swords including one apparently waved by medieval ruler Date Masamune (1567-1636).

In expansion to the current "Uwasano Katana Ten II" (Exhibition of whispered swords II) that goes through April 23, an uncommon presentation on April 2 and 3 will demonstrate six extremely valuable edges including "Okurikarahiromitsu," an administration assigned vital artwork.

Lexus Chief Engineer Boasts About The Cutting-edge Safety Tech Of The 2018 Ls

Lexus Chief Engineer Boasts About The Cutting-Edge Safety Tech Of The 2018 LSWhile the all-new 2018 Lexus LS will look and feel remarkably different compared to its predecessor, chief engineer Toshio Asahi claims there's way more to it than meets the eye.
Asahi says that their new flagship model features three world-first safety technologies, starting with the new pre-crash auto-steering system, followed by an advanced head-up display with two new functions.