Fujitsu Unveils Highest-density Otn Edge Switch

Fujitsu Unveils Highest-Density OTN Edge SwitchFujitsu a leading provider of business, information technology, and communications solutions, today announced the FLASHWAVE CDS Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform (Packet ONP), for Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching. Built on in-house designed OTN technology for superior performance, the FLASHWAVE CDS 6.1 complies with industry standards while exceeding the competition by providing 80G of non-blocking (any to any) ODU0/1/2 switching within a 2RU rack space – the highest available density in the industry.

Toshiba Constructing Cutting Edge Global Power Engineering Center

Toshiba Constructing Cutting Edge Global Power Engineering CenterToshiba today announced that the company will start construction of a thermal, hydro and renewable power engineering center at its Keihin Product Operations in Yokohama, Japan. Scheduled to start operation in January 2014 and to operate as a global hub for key manufacturing-related functions, the new center will carry out engineering, design, procurement and production control, and will enhance Toshiba's overall engineering capabilities. It will also allow Toshiba to raise the level of its cooperation with and support for its overseas operations and international customers and to boost its competitiveness in the global market.

Dome Of Warsaw Congress Hall Lit Up With Panasonic New Cutting Edge Projectors

Dome of Warsaw Congress Hall Lit Up with Panasonic New Cutting Edge Projectors For many of you, the highlight of this year may have been the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. But aside from the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, Panasonic's projectors were hard at work on May 14, 2012 at the Opening Ceremony of ACM- International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), a contest which can be noted as the "World Cup for collegiate software programmers."