Japan-us Trade Deal Set To Take Effect Jan. 1

Japan-US trade deal set to take effect Jan. 1

A new trade deal between Japan and the US is expected to take effect on January 1 after Japan's government announced it had completed all the necessary procedures.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Donald Trump agreed to the terms in September. Japanese lawmakers voted on Dec. 4 to approve the deal. Trump says it doesn't need congressional approval, as it is going through under a "fast track" process.

Heat Wave, Heatstroke Alerts Still In Effect

Heat wave, heatstroke alerts still in effect

The mercury remained high across much of Japan on Monday. Authorities are urging people to take precautions against heatstroke as the hot weather is expected to continue.

Daytime highs reached 38.2 degrees Celsius in the city of Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. The temperature was just 38 degrees in the city of Koshu in Yamanashi Prefecture and the town of Fukusaki in Hyogo. Central Tokyo had a high of 34.9 degrees.

Japan's Revised Immigration Law Takes Effect

Japan's revised immigration law takes effect

A revised immigration law that came into force in Japan on Monday now allows more foreign workers to enter the country amid a severe labor shortage.

The new visa status comprises two categories. Category-1 allows foreigners with vocational skills to work in 14 fields, including nursing care, construction, and agriculture, for up to five years.

Tetris Effect Releases On Ps4 And Ps Vr In November

Tetris Effect Releases On PS4 And PS VR In November

Tetris Effect was revealed ahead of the E3 2018 gaming convention a few months back and the game made quite a splash. This new game comes from Tetsuya Mizuguchi who has been behind popular titles such as Rez and Lumines. Fans have been excited for this title ever since it was revealed that it’s going to support virtual reality. It has now been confirmed when this game will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

Magic Ar Effect App Launched By Sony

Magic AR Effect app launched by Sony

Sony Mobile has released a ‘Magic’ AR (augmented reality) application , which allows you to turn into a master illusionist. The Magic AR Effect will see rabbits, pack of cards and a top hat appear out of thin air, across photos and videos.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Ps4 Pro Limited Edition Revealed

Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 Pro Limited Edition Revealed

The most recent portion in the Mass Effect establishment has been discharged thus far surveys have been for the most part positive, put something aside for a few bandy in regards to the activity of the characters in the amusement. However generally, it appears that BioWare has propelled yet another fruitful Mass Effect game.

Now if you're a devotee of the establishment or of Andromeda (the most recent title), then you may be intrigued to discover that Sony has declared a constrained version PS4 Pro themed around the diversion. As should be obvious in the picture over, this is the PS4 Pro that has been given another skin alongside another outline of the controllers to be more in accordance with Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Sony Releases Frozen Ar Effect Theme

Sony releases Frozen AR Effect themeWe have seen countless number of Disney Frozen Xperia Themes from Sony, so it was only a matter of time before we saw a Frozen themed AR effect and now we have one. The Frozen AR effect theme allows you to interact with the key characters such as Elsa, Anna and Olaf.

Sony Releases Circus Ar Effect

Sony releases Circus AR EffectSony Mobile has released a new Circus Augmented-Reality Effect for Xperia devices. As you can tell by the name (and pictures below) this is all about the big top – clown faces will be superimposed onto your face, whilst you watch a tiger jumping through hoops or an elephant balancing on a small podium.

Sony : Hello Kitty Ar Effect Released

Sony : Hello Kitty AR effect releasedIf you are a Hello Kitty fan then the latest AR effect is just for you. A Hello Kitty AR effect has been released that will allow you to decorate your pictures with Hello Kitty accessories as well as watching it walk, jump and bounce across the screen.

Abel Black: Unique Coloring Technology For Stainless Steel Creates Beautiful Black Effect

ABEL Black: Unique Coloring Technology for Stainless Steel Creates Beautiful Black EffectABEL, which provides surface processing for stainless steel, has developed a unique technology called ABEL Black, which combines stylishness with functionality.
"For coloring stainless steel, the first methods that come to mind are plating and coating, but with stainless steel, platings and coatings flake off quickly. Stainless steel in its original silver color is very attractive, but it also gives a cold impression.

Jungle Ar Effect Released By Sony

Jungle AR effect released by SonySony Mobile has launched a new AR (augmented reality) effect into the Google Play Store. The Jungle AR effect brings a cute tiger, giraffe or orang-utan into play with the rear camera for your photos and videos.