Eizo Announces A New 49-inch Wall-mounted Monitor Curator Lx491w For The Operating Room

EIZO announces a new 49-inch wall-mounted monitor CuratOR LX491W for the operating room - FareastgizmosEIZO today announced the release of a new 49-inch wall-mounted monitor for the operating room (OR). The CuratOR LX491W is a widescreen monitor with full HD resolution and is ideally suited for viewing medical images (X-ray, CR, MRI, and endoscopy). The LX491W has an extremely bright LED backlight offering luminance up to 700 cd/m². The integrated stability system keeps the calibrated brightness constant. With 1300:1 contrast and a 178° viewing angle, medical professionals are offered clear of images from almost any position in the operating theater.

Eizo Announces Its First Frameless Design 27-inch 4k Monitor

EIZO announces its first frameless design 27-inch 4K monitor - FareastgizmosEIZO today announced the release of the FlexScan EV2785, its first 27-inch 4K monitor and one featuring a frameless design and USB Type-C connectivity. The monitor has a virtually frameless design with 1 mm bezels on the sides and top and 5.8 mm on the bottom, making it perfect for multi-monitor environments and distraction-free viewing. FlexScan EV2785The 27-inch monitor has an Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), for a super fine pixel pitch of 163 ppi.

The FlexScan EV2785 comes in either black or white with matching cables, and features a new speaker design. With previous frameless models, the speakers emitted sound from the back of the monitor due to the housing design. With the FlexScan EV2785, they emit sound from the front while maintaining a frameless design for clearer, more direct sound without distracting people sitting behind the monitor.

The 27-inch 4K monitor uses USB Type-C, where a single cable transmits video, audio, and USB signals and supports a super speed transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps. The FlexScan EV2785 can supply up to 60 watts of power for recharging notebook PCs and other devices via one USB Type-C cable, eliminating the need for separate power cables. The clarity of images and convenience of USB Type-C makes the monitor perfect for conventional office and CAD use, as well in ‘free address' offices where workers frequently move around.

Eizo Launches External Calibration Sensor Ux2 For Medical Monitor Use

EIZO launches external calibration sensor UX2 for medical monitor useEIZO today announced the release of the UX2 Sensor, an external calibration sensor for medical monitor use. The UX2 Sensor uses the same technology as the calibration sensors built-in to select RadiForce medical monitors. It features improved humidity and impact resistance compared to other sensors and comes with a protective cap to prevent the sensor from becoming dirty and being affected by moisture during storage. The UX2 Sensor also features a new user-friendly LED indicator. The indicator, which surrounds the device, lights up when it has been correctly connected to the monitor to ensure efficient calibration.

Eizo Announces Industry-first 4k X 2k Primary Control Monitor For Air Traffic Control Centers

EIZO announces industry-first 4K x 2K primary control monitor for air traffic control centersThe new Raptor RP4325 from EIZO is a 42.5-inch primary control monitor with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution for primary control positions in air traffic control (ATC) centers. The Raptor RP4325 displays video input from up to three sources simultaneously. Users can freely position each screen for a highly customizable layout. 4K x 2K resolution allows the ATCO (air traffic control officer) to display high-resolution data in full on one screen without the obtrusive bezels typically found in multi-monitor workstations. 2K x 2K and auxiliary information can also be displayed simultaneously on a single screen, allowing controllers to view more information easily in one place for improving situational awareness.

Eizo Radiforce Rx660 30-inch Medical Lcd Monitor

EIZO RadiForce RX660 30-Inch Medical LCD Monitor EIZO has introduced their newest 30-inch medical LCD monitor namely the RadiForce RX660. Designed specifically for use in the hospital, this new 30-inch IPS LED-backlight monitor (can simultaneously display multiple types of medical images such as CR, DR, CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) supports a native resolution of 3280 x 2048 pixels and provides 16:10 aspect ratio, 1500:1 contrast ratio, 1000 cd/m2 brightness (calibration recommended brightness 500 cd/m2), 25ms response time and 176/176 degree viewing angles.

Eizo Releases Its First 27″ Monitor With A Usb Type-c Of Terminal

EIZO Releases its first 27″ monitor with a USB Type-C of terminalEIZO today announced the release of its first monitor with a USB Type-C of terminal – the 27-inch FlexScan EV2780. With USB Type-C, a single cable transmits video, audio, and USB signals and supports a super speed transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps between the FlexScan EV2780FlexScan EV2780 and connected devices. The Eizo FlexScan EV2780 can supply up to 30 watts of power for recharging notebook PCs and other devices via one USB Type-C cable.

Eizo Announces 5 Megapixel Medical Monitor For Breast Tomosynthesis

EIZO announces 5 Megapixel Medical Monitor for Breast TomosynthesisEIZO today announced the release of the RadiForce GX550, a 21.3-inch 5 megapixel monitor for viewing detailed digital breast tomosynthesis and mammography images. The Eizo monitor’s new design features thinner, black front bezels, making it easier to focus on images in dark reading rooms, while the original white stripe design around the sides of the monitor presents a fresh, clean aesthetic to promote a comfortable, user-friendly environment.

Eizo Announces Full Hd 49-inch Wall Mount Monitor Curator Lx490w For Operating Rooms

EIZO Announces Full HD 49-Inch Wall Mount Monitor CuratOR LX490W for Operating RoomsEIZO today announced a new 49-inch wall mount monitor for operating rooms (OR). The CuratOR LX490W is a Full HD (1920 x 1080), widescreen monitor ideally suited for viewing medical images such as X-ray, CR, MRI, or endoscopy in the OR. The Eizo LX490W has a high brightness LED backlight that can be set to luminance levels up to 700 cd/m2. The backlight is maintained at its calibrated luminance using the integrated stability system to ensure the image remains consistent with medical imaging standards over time. With a contrast ratio of 1300:1 and 178° wide viewing angles, healthcare professionals can rely on the screen’s clarity from any perspective.

Eizo Flexscan S1934-t 19-inch Lcd Monitor Unveiled

EIZO FlexScan S1934-T 19-Inch LCD Monitor UnveiledEIZO has unveiled their newest 19-inch LCD monitor namely the FlexScan S1934-T. Adopting an IPS panel, this energy efficient 19-inch LED-backlight monitor (consumes just 9W of power during normal operation) provides 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 14ms response time and 178/178 degree viewing angles.

Eizo Upcoming Curator Ex190 19-inch Surgical Lcd Monitor

EIZO Upcoming CuratOR EX190 19-Inch Surgical LCD MonitorEIZO has showed off another one of its upcoming 19-inch surgical LCD monitor, the CuratOR EX190. Designed specifically for use in the hospital (endoscopy, cardiac imaging, ultrasound and black & white images), this new 19-inch IPS LED-backlight monitor supports a native resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and provides 900:1 contrast ratio, 700 cd/m2 brightness (calibration recommended brightness 400 cd/m2), 14ms (black-white-black) response time and 176/176 degree viewing angles.