Cold-climate Creatures In Their Element In Sapporo

Cold-climate creatures in their element in Sapporo

Japan's northern island of Hokkaido is still in the grip of biting winter weather, but that's good news for some animals at a zoo in Sapporo.

The polar bears, Amur tigers, and snow leopards have been enjoying their time outdoors at the Maruyama Zoo, while giraffes and other animals from warm habitats are being kept indoors.

Toyota's Ft-4x Concept Learned The Wrong Lessons From The Honda Element Experiment

Toyota's FT-4X concept learned the wrong lessons from the Honda Element experiment

When you build a car, there are three groups of people that matter – a love triangle, if everything goes well. There are the marketers who figure out how to sell what the carmaker builds, the critics (read: us) who leverage our experience and knowledge to grade the thing, and then there's the buyer. The latter is by far the most important to a car's success, or failure.

To understand the challenges facing the FT-4X (if it eventually becomes a production model), you need to understand what happens when things get misaligned between these three groups. Maybe the famous Pontiac Aztek comes to mind – it was notoriously the product of the marketers who obstinately insisted that the vehicle would work great for the target demographic. Critics and buyers both panned it; sales fell woefully short of the target, and it shuffled into its punchline afterlife.

Mwc 2016 : Nec Working On Massive-element Antenna For 5g Small Cell Base Stations

NEC working on massive-element antenna for 5G small cell base stationsNEC today announced it has developed a prototype of A4-sized massive-element Active Antenna System (AAS) for 5G small cell base stations. The low-SHF band-compatible AAS combines the antenna and RF components through the use of a newly developed high-density printed circuit board and an IC that integrates the high radio frequency circuit with the digital circuit, achieving the practical compact size.

Ceatec 2014 : Konica Minolta Holographic Optical Element

CEATEC 2014 : Konica Minolta Holographic Optical ElementIt goes without saying that wearable technology is a growing and some say, booming business. It seems that wearable smart glasses do look as though they are all the rage these days, and will continue to be so in the near and immediate future. Konica Minolta has decided to jump on board with their latest Holographic Optical Element, or HOE for short.