Further Details On Sony's Alleged Hexa Camera Smartphone Emerges

Further details on Sony's alleged hexa camera smartphone emerges

A week ago we reported on a wild rumour that Sony might be planning to launch an Xperia smartphone with a total of six cameras on the rear. The news isn't completely in the realms of fantasy as Sony has confirmed previously that it is partnering with Light to develop multi-camera smartphones in the future.

Prototype Subaru Impreza 22b Emerges From Obscurity

Prototype Subaru Impreza 22B emerges from obscurity

Ask a gearhead what they think is the greatest Subaru built and the answer is probably something related to rally Imprezas – unless you're talking to a more quirky sort who'd throw out the SVX, XT or the bed-mounted jump seats of a Brat. But in any case, the 1990s rally Subarus are great, their road-going versions are brilliant and the rarest of all is the bulging 22B, which commands strong money due to its very limited availability.

The Impreza 22B, reportedly named so for its 2.2-liter turbo boxer, but which also refers to the hexadecimal value of 555, Subaru's rally sponsor, was a widebody special with a bigger engine and more STI magic than other WRX variants. Officially it had 280 horsepower, but almost every Japanese performance car was advertised with that amount at the time – true figures take a dyno run or a dedicated mind to uncover. In addition to the modified body, the suspension was 22B-specific, as was the aero. The 2,800-pound 22B took just 5 seconds to hit 60 mph, a strong feat for 1998, and on the right road with the right kind of driver it is likely to be unparalleled for its era.

New Photo Emerges Of Next-generation Suzuki Swift

New Photo Emerges Of Next-Generation Suzuki SwiftAn intriguing image of the updated Suzuki Swift has emerged online and despite its low resolution, it’s certainly provides us with our best look yet at the model.
Earlier in the year, a number of apparent official renderings of the next-generation Swift emerged online, showcasing a much more modern and flowing design. This particular image also shows the Swift with a new look but it differs on a number of fronts from those renderings and, of course, the outgoing model.

Maeda Emerges As Japan’s Front-runner In Women’s Marathon

Maeda emerges as Japan’s front-runner in women’s marathonAfter years of seemingly running in place, the women marathoners of Japan have finally started picking up the pace.
Sairi Maeda gained momentum as she prepares for this Summer’s IAAF world championships in Beijing by winning Sunday’s Sendai International Half Marathon in an impressive 1 hour 10 minutes 24 seconds.

Sony : Thief On Ps4 And Ps3: New Trailer Emerges, Out This Month

Sony : Thief on PS4 and PS3: New Trailer Emerges, Out This MonthIt’s a wrap! After liters of coffee and buckets of sweat, I’m really thrilled to be able to scream it from the rooftops: THIEF IS DONE! That’s right – Thief has gone gold and will be available on February 25th. To find out everything you need to know about the game we’ve created a new 101 trailer that we’re releasing today.

Part Of Port For Japan’s Southernmost Islands Emerges Above Sea

Part of port for Japan’s southernmost islands emerges above seaAt Japan's southernmost point, a portion of the port that will solidify the nation's claim to the exclusive economic zone around the islands of Okinotorishima in the Pacific Ocean can now be seen.

The facility, which will be used to unload supplies, fuel and water, is part of a 160-meter-long pier being built off a coral atoll with a circumference of about 11 kilometers.