Emperor, Empress Attend National Athletic Meet

Emperor, Empress attend national athletic meet

The Emperor and the Empress took part in the opening ceremony of the National Sports Festival of Japan in Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo, on Saturday.

The couple was received by Ibaraki Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa at Katsuta Station, where they arrived on a special train used exclusively by members of the Imperial family.

Emperor And Empress Attend Sea Conservation Event

Emperor and Empress attend sea conservation event

Japan's Emperor and the Empress have taken part in the opening ceremony of an event which promotes conservation of marine resources and environments around the country.

The 39th event was held in the city of Akita in Akita Prefecture, northeastern Japan, under the theme of "nurturing the sea environment that leads to a rich future and regions". Around 1,000 people working at fisheries all over Japan participated.

Emperor, Empress Meet Ticad Leaders

Emperor, Empress meet TICAD leaders

Japan's Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako have invited leaders who attended the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, or TICAD, to a tea party at the Imperial Palace.

Leaders and their spouses from more than 30 African nations attended the event following the three-day conference on Friday.

Emperor Emeritus Exhibits Cerebral Anemia Symptoms

Emperor Emeritus exhibits cerebral anemia symptoms

Japan's Imperial Household Agency says the Emperor Emeritus suffered symptoms of cerebral anemia last week but has since recovered.

The agency says the Emperor Emeritus, who is 85 years old, exhibited strong symptoms of cerebral anemia before dinner last Thursday. He crouched on the floor and the Empress Emerita immediately called the doctor.

Emperor, Empress Attend Vienna Boys Choir Concert

Emperor, Empress attend Vienna Boys Choir concert

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako attended a concert by the Vienna Boys Choir on Friday. They enjoyed the beautiful harmonies presented in the children's performance.

The Vienna Boys Choir, which dates back more than 500 years, comes to Japan almost every year. The Emperor and Empress have attended the concert four years in a row.

Emperor Emeritus, Empress Emerita Visit Kyoto

Emperor Emeritus, Empress Emerita visit Kyoto

Emperor Emeritus Akihito is now in Kyoto with Empress Emerita Michiko to visit the mausoleums of his ancestors and report his abdication.

The Imperial couple arrived at Kyoto Station on Tuesday afternoon. They waved to the many people who had gathered in front of the station to welcome them.

Emperor, Empress Bid Farewell To Trump, First Lady

Emperor, Empress bid farewell to Trump, First Lady

Japan's Emperor and Empress bid farewell to US President Donald Trump in Tokyo on Tuesday as his state visit came to an end.

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako visited a hotel in central Tokyo where they were first greeted at the entrance by US Ambassador to Japan William Hagerty.

Trump Meets Emperor And Empress

Trump meets Emperor and Empress

US President Donald Trump has become the first world leader to meet the new Emperor of Japan. And they'll spend more time together tonight when the Imperial couple hosts a banquet in honor of the Trumps.

The last state visit by a US president to Japan was five years ago.

Emperor Receives New Ambassadors

Emperor receives new ambassadors

Japan's Emperor Naruhito has received credentials from new foreign ambassadors for the first time since he ascended the throne.

The envoys from Luxembourg and Brunei rode horse-driven carriages from Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo on Thursday.

Emperor, Empress Meet Outgoing China Envoy

Emperor, Empress meet outgoing China envoy

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako have met the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Japan, Cheng Yonghua.

The Imperial couple expressed appreciation for the envoy's efforts to develop relations between the two countries.

Emperor Naruhito To Visit Aichi In June

Emperor Naruhito to visit Aichi in June

Japanese Emperor Naruhito is to make a two-day visit to Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, in June, to attend an annual tree-planting ceremony.

This will be his first official visit outside the capital Tokyo since acceding to the throne on May 1.

Emperor Performs First Ritual At Imperial Palace

Emperor performs first ritual at Imperial Palace

Emperor Naruhito has performed his first ritual at the Imperial Palace since his accession to the throne last week.

The Emperor visited the three Imperial sanctuaries Wednesday morning to report to the Sun Goddess, the souls of his ancestors, and various deities the dates of the Enthronement Ceremony and the Great Thanksgiving Ceremony.

New Emperor Performs Duties In Imperial Palace

New Emperor performs duties in Imperial Palace

Japan's new Emperor has performed acts of state stipulated under the Constitution at the Imperial Palace following his ascension to the throne on May 1.

A car carrying Emperor Naruhito drove through the Hanzomon Gate into the palace a little before 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday. He waved through an open window to passersby near the gate.