3,800 Landslides Confirmed Near Hokkaido Epicenter

3,800 landslides confirmed near Hokkaido epicenter

A survey firm says about 3,800 landslides have been confirmed near the epicenter of a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that shook Hokkaido, northern Japan, on Thursday of last week. 41 people died, most of them in massive landslides.

Pasco Corporation analyzed a photographic image of the quake-hit area taken by a French satellite on Tuesday, 5 days after the quake. The image covered an 80-by-90 kilometer area.

Search Efforts Focus On Town Near Epicenter

Search efforts focus on town near epicenter

Rescuers are searching around the clock to find survivors following a deadly earthquake in Hokkaido.
17 people are dead and 21 more are missing.

The search effort is focused near the epicenter in the town of Atsuma. That's where all the missing people are from.

Seismologist: Active Fault Near Epicenter

Seismologist: active fault near epicenter

A seismologist at Hokkaido University says Thursday's magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred in an area known to accumulate stress underground.

Associate Professor Kei Katsumata said an active fault is located near the epicenter, but he says he cannot say for sure if there is a direct link between the fault and the latest earthquake. He pointed out that its epicenter was 40 kilometers underground but the fault is about 10 kilometers deep.