Abe Calls For Eradicating Child Abuse

Abe calls for eradicating child abuse

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has instructed cabinet ministers to use all available means to eradicate child abuse.

Abe told a meeting of relevant ministers on Tuesday that reports of child abuse are rising every year.

Nagasaki Survivor Yamaguchi, 82, Dedicated Life To Eradicating Nuclear Weapons

Nagasaki survivor Yamaguchi, 82, dedicated life to eradicating nuclear weaponsWhen Mother Teresa (1910-1997) visited Nagasaki in 1982, she stared intently at a photo panel in a museum. The old black and white image that captured her attention was of a man who had burns all over his body, having survived the 1945 Nagasaki atomic bombing. Thirty-seven years later, that same man, Senji Yamaguchi, stood next to Mother Teresa, serving as her guide in the museum. Mother Teresa told Yamaguchi that God kept him alive so he could continue his venerable mission.