Panasonic : Eco-friendly Led Bulbs Save Energy Every Day

Panasonic : Eco-friendly LED Bulbs Save Energy Every DayHello. This is Kumiko reporting from the suburbs of Florence, Italy. Energy efficiency has become a concern in Italy because electricity is supplied from other countries and the rates continue to rise. Many people are also becoming more eco-aware and are striving to save energy by replacing traditional light bulbs with LED lighting. Let's begin our report on how my family is replacing the light bulbs in our Italian home.

Lexus F Sport – Performance At Every Level

Lexus LS 460 F SPORT with 22-Inch Vossen CV4 WheelsWhen Lexus launched in 1989, its vehicles were synonymous with luxury, refinement and craftsmanship. Almost 25 years later, the brand has evolved and evokes more emotion throughout its product line-up. For those enthusiasts who want an even higher level of engagement, three different levels of F SPORT performance are available.

The Playroom To Be Pre-installed On Every Sony Ps4 At Launch

The Playroom to be pre-installed on every Sony PS4 at launchWe just got word that Sony's tech demo, The Playroom, will be pre-installed on every PS4 at launch. It's essentially a bundle of demonstrations designed to show off the DualShock 4, the PS4 Eye and of course the console itself. For example, there's an air hockey game that gives you a feel of the controls, an interactive AR Bots demo that lets you play with tiny little robots using the DualShock's touchpad and accelerometer, plus a scenario where you can flick away those same bots using your hands in front of the Eye. If you have a Sony Xperia device lying around, you can also use the demo to see how it'll work with the next-gen console.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing : Every Little Helps...

Infiniti Red Bull Racing : Every Little Helps...Even by the usual standards, the race team has been flat out for the last few weeks. First the back-to-back races at Silverstone and the Nürburgring, then a return to Silverstone for the Young (and not so young) Drivers’ Test and then direct from Silverstone to Budapest for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Our riggers and truckies all have that thousand-yard stare which says for them the summer break can’t come too soon.

Video : Panasonic Every Lost Breath - Lumix Gh3

VIDEO : Panasonic Every Lost Breath - Lumix GH3Offering expert control for videographers and photographers alike, the state-of-the-art LUMIX GH3 delivers crisp images and videos with a 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor combined with the incredible processing power of Venus Engine in a portable 550 grammes compact body (incl. battery and SD card). With an exceptionally fast and accurate auto-focus, engineered for precision control and professional results in any situation, you’ll always capture the action with absolute detail.

Every Dog Has Its Day At Hakuba Ski Resort

Every dog has its day at Hakuba ski resortA ski resort here is attracting many dog-loving skiers with a pet-friendly course.

Hakuba Sanosaka Ski Resort has opened a run where skiers can bring along their dogs. Users have welcomed the idea since the course's opening in winter, with many saying, "It is a joy for us owners to see dogs enjoying the snow and running around freely."

Free Headphones With Every Purchase Of A Pioneer Steez Boombox

Free headphones with every purchase of a Pioneer STEEZ BoomboxPurchase a STEEZ dancer audio system from a participating retailer and take away a pair of white STEEZ headphones*   STEEZ is now available nationwide from independent retailers to your local highstreet at HMV. To celebrate this infusion of STEEZ and street dance culture, Pioneer are offering a free pair of headphones (SE-D10M-W) with every STEEZ system when purchasing from a participating retailer.