Women Sue Tokyo Medical Univ. For Rigging Exams

Women sue Tokyo Medical Univ. for rigging exams

A medical university in Tokyo has been sued by a group of women who say they were victims of the school's gender-biased admissions policy.

The 33 women filed suit with the Tokyo District Court on Friday. They took Tokyo Medical University's entrance exams between 2006 and 2018, but were denied admission.

Unified College And University Entrance Exams End

Unified college and university entrance exams end

This year's unified college and university entrance exams in Japan have ended for almost all applicants .

Applicants took tests in science and mathematics across the country on the 2nd and final day on Sunday.

College And University Entrance Exams Underway

College and university entrance exams underway

More than half a million high-school students and graduates across Japan are putting their knowledge to the test at unified college and university entrance exams.

The number of applicants sitting for this year's exams, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, is down slightly by 5,841, to 576,830.

10 Medical Schools In Japan Rigged Entrance Exams

10 medical schools in Japan rigged entrance exams

Japan's education ministry says it has found 10 universities conducted their entrance examinations for their medical schools inappropriately.

The ministry released a final report on Friday on its nationwide probe into medical school admission processes.

24 Women Seek Damages For Unfair Entrance Exams

24 women seek damages for unfair entrance exams

A group of women is demanding that Tokyo Medical University refund their entrance exam fees and pay damages for their unfair treatment.

The women, aged from their teens to their 30s, failed the university's entrance exams between 2006 and 2018. The university is believed to have begun selecting applicants based on gender around 2006. One of the lawyers representing the former applicants delivered a document describing their demands to university officials on Monday.

Female Applicants Discriminated Against In Exams

Female applicants discriminated against in exams

A panel investigating irregularities in entrance exams given by Tokyo Medical University says a total of 55 female applicants were made to fail the exams in 2017 and 2018 despite scoring marks above the passing level.

In an interim report issued on Tuesday, the panel said 11 of the female applicants suffered this discriminatory treatment last year and 44 others this year.

Survey: Men More Likely To Pass Med School Exams

Survey: Men more likely to pass med school exams

Japan's education ministry says men were more likely than women to pass entrance exams at nearly 80 percent of medical schools it surveyed.

The ministry surveyed medical schools at 81 universities following revelations that Tokyo Medical University tampered with entrance exams, such as by reducing scores across the board for female applicants. Interim results of the survey were announced on Tuesday.

Medical Univ. Rigged Exams Against Women

Medical univ. rigged exams against women

Informed sources say Tokyo Medical University has for years rigged entrance exams to limit its intake of women students, slashing their scores by well over 10 percent across-the-board.

The sources say the university reduced scores from the paper test results of all women before they went on to sit for a final test. The reduction rate differed from year to year, sometimes reaching more than 10 percent.

Kyoto University To Ban All Watches For Exams

Kyoto University To Ban All Watches For ExamsBack in the day with the invention of the calculator watch, schools were quick to realize that it could be used for cheating, at least during exams where no calculators were allowed. Fast forward to today, those calculator watches are considered ancient but schools now have a new technological threat to deal with: smartwatches.