Exile Shokichi To Release 2nd Album + First Arena Tour

EXILE SHOKICHI to release 2nd album + first arena tour

EXILE SHOKICHI (EXILE, EXILE THE SECOND) will release his second album "1114" on May 15. He will also hold his first solo arena tour 'UNDERDOGG' from June. 

The upcoming album will be released 1114 days after his first album "THE FUTURE" (April 2016). All songs were written and composed by SHOKICHI himself. It will include "Underdog," which was released as a single last May, "Futen Boyz," which is the opening theme for the movie 'DTC -Yukemuri Junjou-hen- from HiGH&LOW,' and his new songs "Kimi ni Au Tame ni Boku wa Umaretekitanda" and "Psychedelic Romance." 

Exile Makidai Marries A Non-celebrity Woman

EXILE MAKIDAI marries a non-celebrity woman

It's been reported that EXILE MAKIDAI has married a non-celebrity woman on December 31. 

MAKIDAI ended his activities as an EXILE performer after appearing on 'CDTV Special! Toshikoshi Premium Live 2015→2016.' Currently, he is putting his work into PKCZ, a unit he formed with VERBAL and DJ DARUMA. On his artist page, he commented, "After spending time together, I felt assured that I could build a warm family with her, and so I decided to spend the rest of my life with her."

Saindaime J Soul Brothers From Exile Tribe To Hold Dome Tour From April

Saindaime J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE to hold dome tour from April

Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE will hold a five major dome tour called 'Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS LIVE TOUR 2019: RAISE THE FLAG' from April. 

The tour is scheduled to kick off on April 13 and 14 at Kyocera Dome Osaka and wrap up on September 22 and 23 at Tokyo Dome for a total of 15 shows. Prior to the tour, the group will release a new single (currently untitled) on March 13. 

Exile Atsushi To Release A New Song On Christmas Eve

EXILE ATSUSHI to release a new song on Christmas Eve

LDH Japan affiliated company LDH kitchen has opened their entertainment restaurant 'Live & Restaurant LDH kitchen THE TOKYO HANEDA' inside of Haneda Airport's Terminal 1. On December 19, a reception party was held where EXILE ATSUSHI made a surprise appearance. 

ATSUSHI performed four songs including the unreleased "With you ~Luv merry X'mas~." This is a cover of Saitama chorus group LUVandSOUL's song that was released 18 years ago. ATSUSHI will be releasing it digitally on December 24. 

Exile Atsushi Becomes 60 Years Old In Pv For 'suddenly'

EXILE ATSUSHI becomes 60 years old in PV for 'Suddenly'

The PV for EXILE ATSUSHI's new song "Suddenly" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Suddenly" will be released together with RED DIAMOND DOGS' "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" as a double A-side single on November 28. The PV tells a story of an unforgivable love, and ATSUSHI wore special make-up to play the part of a 60-year-old man. Actress Konno Mahiru stars in the PV as the woman who falls in love with ATSUSHI. 

Exile Usa Announces Wife Sugi Arisa's Pregnancy

EXILE USA announces wife Sugi Arisa's pregnancy

EXILE USA (EXILE, DANCE EARTH PARTY) have announced that his wife, actress/model Sugi Arisa is pregnant. 

After dating for seven years, the couple married on October 22, 2017. He commented, "While being thankful to everyone who supports us and being careful about her health, we hope to cautiously spend our time until delivery, so please watch over us warmly.

Exile Atsushi & Band To Release A Double A-side Single In November

EXILE ATSUSHI & band to release a double A-side single in November

EXILE ATSUSHI and his band RED DIAMOND DOGS will release a new single, "Suddenly / RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON," on November 28. 

For "Suddenly," ATSUSHI sings about an adult's lost love, while "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" was written at the time baseball player Matsuzawa Daisuke, who is ATSUSHI's  old friend, transferred to Chunichi Dragons. Besides these two, it will come with "Memory Rain" and another song as the coupling tracks. 

Exile Akira To Release An Autobiography

EXILE AKIRA to release an autobiography

EXILE AKIRA's autobiography, titled "THE FOOL: Gusha no Tamashii," will be released in late-August. 

AKIRA's first autobiography will feature episodes from his childhood, memories with his family and friends, his frustrations while playing soccer as a student, an incident that put him on the verge of death, as well as the process that led him to joining EXILE. The book will also include over 30 photos of AKIRA taken by Polish photographer Maciej Kucia.

The Last Song For 'exile Friday' To Be Titled 'step Up'

The last song for 'EXILE FRIDAY' to be titled 'STEP UP'

The last of EXILE's project 'EXILE FRIDAY' has been revealed. 'EXILE FRIDAY' is a project in which the group releases a new song every first Friday for six consecutive months. 

The sixth and final song will be titled "STEP UP," which is a dance song featuring new jack swing that is produced by The Stereotypes. EXILE SHOKICHI and JAY'ED also took part in creating the track. 

Exile Reveal Lyric Video For 'awakening'

EXILE reveal lyric video for 'Awakening'

EXILE's new song "Awakening" was digitally released on June 1. The lyric video for this song has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Awakening" is the fifth part of the group's project 'EXILE FRIDAY' in which they release one song on the first Friday of each month for six consecutive months. It is currently airing as the theme song for TBS' coverage of soccer. Written and produced by EXILE ATSUSHI, the song describes his own experiences playing soccer as a young boy. 

Exile To Release New Album In July, Start Dome Tour In September

EXILE to release new album in July, start dome tour in September

EXILE will release an original album, titled "STAR OF WISH," on July 25. To coincide with this release, they will hold their dome tour 'EXILE LIVE TOUR 2018-2019: STAR OF WISH' starting in September. 

For the upcoming tour, the group is scheduled to perform at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Sapporo Dome, Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome, and Nagoya Dome between September and February of next year. They are currently working on adding shows in the Kanto region. 

Exile Atsushi Reveals Pvs For 'i Think You' And 'more...'

EXILE ATSUSHI reveals PVs for 'I think you' and 'More...'

EXILE ATSUSHI has revealed the PV for his songs "I think of you" and "More..."

The two tracks will be included in ATSUSHI's solo single "Just The Way You Are" to be released on April 11. "I think of you" was recorded in Atlanta with producer T.Kura who composed EXILE's "I Wish For You."  It has the theme "our happy memories" while  "More..." has the theme of "separation."

Exile Takahiro & Takei Emi Announce The Birth Of Their First Child

EXILE TAKAHIRO & Takei Emi announce the birth of their first child

On May 12, EXILE TAKAHIRO and Takei Emi announced the birth of their first child. 

The couple announced their marriage and pregnancy last September. In a joint statement, they stated, "Everyone, thank you always for your warm support. Thanks to you, we were able to welcome a new life. It's a very healthy baby girl. To everyone who supported us and cheered us on, thank you very much. We will put our strength together to build a warm family. With thanks, we will work even harder so please watch over us."