Exile Atsushi To Release First Single After Study Abroad

EXILE ATSUSHI to release first single after study abroad

EXILE ATSUSHI, who had been studying abroad, will release his first single after his return, titled "Just The Way You Are," on April 11. 

The title track is a cover of Bruno Mars' hit song with Japanese lyrics. ATSUSHI, who respects Bruno as "an artist with the most musical sense and talent in the world," says that the Japanese lyrics came to him all at once while working in the studio. On the reason for covering the song in Japanese, he commented, "If I am able to sing this song in Japanese, I believe it will reach the hearts of more people and deliver its warm message."

Exile The Second To Release New Album 'highway Star'

EXILE THE SECOND to release new album 'Highway Star'

EXILE THE SECOND's new album "Highway Star" will be released on March 28.

The group's latest album will include five of their already released singles, such as "Summer Lover," "Route 66," and "Acacia," along with 8 brand new tracks. Its Limited Edition will come with three DVDs or Blu-ray discs containing live footage and a documentary. 

Generations From Exile Tribe To Tour China


GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE will hold their first China tour in March.

Titled "GENERATIONS CHINA TOUR 2018: MAD CYCLONE," the tour will consist of three shows each at Shenzhen Poly Theatre, Beijing Exhibition Theatre, and Shanghai Majestic Theatre. In 2017, GENERATIONS performed at various cities overseas including Taipei, Macao, Los Angeles, and New York. This will be their first time touring mainland China.

Exile The Second To Release A New Single On Their Day, February 22

EXILE THE SECOND to release a new single on their day, February 22

EXILE THE SECOND will release a new single called "Acacia" on February 22. 

Last year, the Japan Anniversary Association certified February 22nd, the single's release date, as 'EXILE THE SECOND DAY.' Written and composed by EXILE SHOKICHI, the title track portrays an adult's love story with thrilling lyrics. The floral language for acacia is "secret love," which gives us a hint about the song's content. 

Generations From Exile Tribe To Hold First Dome Tour

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE to hold first dome tour

It's been announced that GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE will hold a dome tour called "GENERATIONS LIVE TOUR 2018: UNITED JOURNEY" next spring. 

GENERATIONS just wrapped up their live tour "MAD CYCLONE" on December 18 at Shizuoka Ecopa Arena. The upcoming tour will mark their very first independent dome tour.  The schedule will be revealed at a later date. 

Exile Atsushi To Hold 2-day Live At Kyocera Dome Osaka

EXILE ATSUSHI to hold 2-day live at Kyocera Dome Osaka

EXILE ATSUSHI will hold solo lives titled "EXILE ATSUSHI PREMIUM LIVE 2018" on February 28 and March 1 at Kyocera Dome Osaka.

"EXILE ATSUSHI PREMIUM LIVE" will be held as a part of TBS' program plan. Ticket pre-reservations will be available for members of EXILE TRIBE FAMILY beginning December 8 followed by EXILE mobile and EXILE ch Premium. 

Exile Takahiro Unveils Pv For 'irish Blue'

EXILE TAKAHIRO unveils PV for 'Irish Blue'

EXILE TAKAHIRO has unveiled the PV for his song "Irish Blue" which will be included in his mini album 'All-The-Time Memories' to be released on December 6.

"Irish Blue" was written by GLAY's TAKURO (G), a musician that TAKAHIRO has respected since he was a young boy. The PV was directed by Nakano Hiroyuki with TAKURO's idea of "to create a whimsical worldview through art.

Exile Usa Ties The Knot With Sugi Arisa

EXILE USA ties the knot with Sugi Arisa

EXILE USA (EXILE, DANCE EARTH PARTY) announced that he has tied the knot with actress/model Sugi Arisa on October 22. 

After putting an end to his activities as an EXILE performer in late 2015, USA has been active in the project DANCE EARTH. On EXILE's official website, he wrote, "I was assured that I would be able to build a fun family with this person. I made my resolve to spend the rest of my life walking towards the future together.

Exile Takahiro To Release A Mini Album In December

EXILE TAKAHIRO to release a mini album in December

EXILE TAKAHIRO will release a mini album, titled "All-The-Time Memories," on December 6.

TAKAHIRO restarted his solo activities after two years with the release of his single "Eternal Love" on October 4. Produced by Kameda Seiji, TAKAHIRO worked on the upcoming album with the different seasons in mind hoping that people can enjoy it year round.