Regulator: Venting At Fukushima Reactor Failed

Regulator: Venting at Fukushima reactor failed

Japan's nuclear regulator says it believes that the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant failed to properly vent a vessel containing one of the plant's reactors in the days after the March 2011 accident.

Tokyo Electric Power Company attempted to vent the containment vessel of the No.2 reactor to lower interior pressure and prevent equipment from being damaged.

Jal Pilot Failed Preflight Alcohol Test

JAL pilot failed preflight alcohol test

NHK has learned that a Japan Airlines pilot was replaced with a substitute after alcohol was detected on his breath in a preflight test last month.

The 50-year-old pilot was due to work on a flight from Shanghai to Narita, near Tokyo, on April 29.

Tepco Failed To Spot Leak Of Contaminated Water

TEPCO failed to spot leak of contaminated water

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it has determined that water containing radioactive substances leaked from a tank at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant for more than two years. The company says there is no impact on the environment.

The utility says workers discovered water from an unknown source in an underground tunnel on January 10th at the plant.

Failed Safety Checks Blamed For Gsdf Misfiring

Failed safety checks blamed for GSDF misfiring

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force says the misfiring of a mortar shell during training last month was due to failed safety checks. Nineteen personnel are being penalized for the incident.

The shell landed near a national highway near the GSDF training ground in Shiga Prefecture in western Japan. No one was injured but a vehicle was damaged by debris.

Suga: Govt. Failed To Win Understanding

Suga: Govt. failed to win understandingThe Japanese government says it failed to win the court's full understanding in the lawsuit over noise pollution from the US Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga spoke to reporters on Thursday after the Naha District Court ordered the government to pay over 260 million dollars in damages to some 22,000 residents near the base.
The court rejected residents' demands for a ban on US military flights at night.

Mother Whose Child Failed To Gain Spot At Day Care Sues Local Government

Mother whose child failed to gain spot at day care sues local governmentA 33-year-old woman living in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka is suing the municipal government to cover part of the cost of putting her fourth child into an unlicensed day care center, which is more expensive than a licensed one, arguing that the municipal government has failed to fulfill its responsibility to provide child care.

Why The Honda Del Sol Failed To Become The Next Crx

Why The Honda Del Sol Failed To Become The Next CRXThe Del Sol was Honda’s answer to the Mazda MX-5 and supposedly the successor of the successful CRX.
RCR drives a rare, bone-stock lovely example and share their thoughts on why this targa two-seater model failed to continue the CRX legend as well as pointing out the drawbacks such as the constantly leaking hard top.