Female Go Prodigy To Become Youngest Professional

Female Go prodigy to become youngest professional

A 10-year-old Japanese girl is set to become the youngest professional player of the Asian board game "Go" next month.

At a ceremony in Tokyo on Tuesday, Sumire Nakamura from Osaka and 12 others received their "sho-dan" licenses, the lowest professional rank. The players turn professional on April 1.

Msdf To Have Female Submarine Crewmembers

MSDF to have female submarine crewmembers

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force will introduce female members to its submarine crews as part of its efforts to ease a personnel shortage.

The MSDF has conventionally allowed only male members to join the crews as ensuring privacy in submarines is difficult. Other MSDF fleet units have female personnel.

Female Applicants To Seek Exam Fee Refund

Female applicants to seek exam fee refund

A group of women who failed the entrance exam at Tokyo Medical University plans to demand that the school disclose the test results and pay back exam fees.

Lawyers for the women revealed on Wednesday that some 20 former applicants who took the entrance exam from 2006 through this year will press their demands on Monday. They will also seek about 900 dollars in compensation for each exam they took.

Female Applicants Discriminated Against In Exams

Female applicants discriminated against in exams

A panel investigating irregularities in entrance exams given by Tokyo Medical University says a total of 55 female applicants were made to fail the exams in 2017 and 2018 despite scoring marks above the passing level.

In an interim report issued on Tuesday, the panel said 11 of the female applicants suffered this discriminatory treatment last year and 44 others this year.

Scandal-hit Med School Names Female President

Scandal-hit med school names female president

A medical school in Tokyo that recently admitted to rigging entrance exams to discriminate against women has approved its first female president.

Board members of Tokyo Medical University on Tuesday chose Professor Yukiko Hayashi as the school's new president. She will officially assume the post on October 1st.

Exam Fixing: 65% Of Female Doctors 'understand'

Exam fixing: 65% of female doctors 'understand'

A survey suggests that 65 percent of female doctors in Japan understand why a medical university undercut entrance exam scores of women applicants.

Tokyo Medical University has admitted to engaging in the practice for more than a decade to keep down the admission of women.

Embassies Woo Japanese Female Med Students

Embassies woo Japanese female med students

The French and Finnish embassies in Japan are urging Japanese female students to come to their home countries to study medicine.

The embassies made the offer online following reports that Tokyo Medical University rigged its entrance exams to limit the number of women students.

Manga Cafes, Capsule Hotels Increasing Their Female Focus

Manga cafes, capsule hotels increasing their female focus

Manga cafes and capsule hotels in Japan are generally considered the domains of men, their cramped, dark spaces not particularly alluring to female customers.

But with businesses realizing they are forgoing 50 percent of their potential customer base, some have introduced new offerings designed to appeal to women, offering a relaxed, and most importantly, safe environment.

Unproductive Woman Passes On Newborn Child Using Egg Gave By Secretive Female

Infertile woman passes on baby using egg gave by obscure female

A woman with ovarian issues has delivered a newborn child through in-vitro readiness using her significant other's sperm and an egg gave by an obscure female, an altruistic affiliation supporting productivity treatment said Wednesday.

While there have been a couple cases in which fruitless mothers have imagined a posterity using sperm from their mates and eggs from their sisters or associates, this is the primary case made open in Japan of a newborn child considered using an egg gave by a stranger.

Olympic Golf Setting To Permit Female Members

Olympic golf scene to permit female individualsA golf club assigned as the scene for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has chosen to permit ladies to wind up distinctly full individuals. Kasumigaseki Country Club has been a male-just green since its opening in 1929.
Board individuals consistently voted in favor of ladies to wind up individuals at a meeting at the club house in Kawagoe City, north of Tokyo. They consented to change the decide that confined the participation to men.

Athletics: Debutant Ando Runs Japan's 4th Fastest Female Marathon

Athletics: Debutant Ando runs Japan's 4th fastest female marathonYuka Ando made a sensational start to her marathon career Sunday, crossing the Nagoya Women's Marathon finish line second to punch her ticket to this summer's world athletics championships.
Ando set a time of 2 hours, 21 minutes, 36 seconds -- the fourth fastest in history by a Japanese woman, and the fastest ever by a first-time female Japanese marathon runner.

Polish Woman Becomes 1st Foreign Female Pro Shogi Player In Japan

Polish woman becomes 1st foreign female pro shogi player in JapanA Polish woman has become the first foreign female professional player of the chess-like Japanese board game shogi after her victory in a match Monday boosted her ranking.
Karolina Styczynska, a 25-year-old native of Warsaw who is attending graduate school at Yamanashi Gakuin University, beat professional player Minami Sadamasu in a preliminary game of the 44th Women's Meijin (master) in Tokyo.

Horse Racing: Female Jockey Fujita Injured In Fall

Horse racing: Female jockey Fujita injured in fallNanako Fujita, the Japan Racing Association's first female jockey in 16 years, was injured in a fall on Saturday.
In her first ride at Tokyo Racecourse, 18-year-old Fujita fell coming off a turn after her mount made contact with another horse. She immediately got back up on her feet, but complained of pain in the arm.